Rheuben Allen, a saxophone and woodwind repairman based in California, has contributed a number of articles to Teen Jazz on instrument repair and music in general. Because he specializes in sax repair, the majority of his articles have been on that particular topic. Here is a collection of saxophone repair tips from Rheuben Allen.

Why it’s Important to Take You Instrument in for Regular Check-Ups – Preventative maintenance can help your saxophone maintain its working condition for far longer than if you wait until something is wrong.

Repair Etiquette – How to Talk to Your Repairman – Why it’s important to tell your repairman the problems you’re having when you take your horn in for repair.

Emergency Saxophone Repair – Just in case you need to do a couple of quick fixes yourself while on the road.

Basic Saxophone Repair – If your interested in doing instrument repair, here are a few ideas to help you get started.

How to Adjust the G-Sharp Spring Tension on a Saxophone – A problem many of us have.

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Published by Rheuben Allen

Rheuben has been recognized worldwide as one of the premier saxophone and clarinet repairmen for many years. With over 40 years as a repairman Rheuben has turned his talents to the manufacturing of quality woodwinds and brass instruments. Rheuben's current project is the Rheuben Allen Education Foundation, Inc., set up to provide musical instruments to young students that cannot afford instruments and would otherwise not be able to play an instrument.

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