In the last few months, Teen Jazz has grown to be one of the largest resources and networking website online for up and coming musicians. We are proud to host the profiles of emerging Teen Jazz Artists, interviews with professional musicians our Teen Jazz Influences, Teen Jazz Legends, and various other features.

At Teen Jazz, featured jazz musicians have earned different titles based on their recognition and achievements: Teen Jazz Artists – Teen musicians who have accomplished great things at a young age; Teen Jazz Influences – professional musicians that we recommend checking out; Teen Jazz Legends – Jazz legends such as Bird and Miles; and there have also been various interviews with other great musicians and music companies.

Please enjoy reading about all the impressive achievements of these great musicians featured below!

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A note about our interviews

When starting out as a musician, choosing exactly what you want to do in music can be intimidating. Once in college, a great number of musicians end up deciding to teach because they fear success in any other field of music. A few weeks ago, my university held a Career Fair to help us learn about what options there would be once we graduated. To be honest, the event didn’t instill any confidence in “future options” and was a bit terrifying. The doctorate students at the event basically expressed that they still had no idea what they would do once they finished school, but that they knew they had good options because they had continued their education. The working professionals all told similar stories about how they lived at home for too long after school, there parents told them to get jobs, they took the first job that was available, and then bounced around until they ended up at their current job. I don’t know about you, but I was hoping to avoid as much “bouncing around” as I could.

So to make a long story short, it got me thinking about my future and different careers available to me as a musician. I thought, since I was wondering, that I might not be the only one pondering my future as a musician, and that it would be beneficial to share whatever information I uncovered in the search for my future career.

Please don’t mistake me – I do have plans for what I want to do. However, reality doesn’t always permit you to do what you want to do, and so I think it would be a good idea to have a backup plan or two… In result, I’ve commenced my career discovery adventure and I invite you to join me! On this adventure, I will interview people working in music related fields so that together, we will get a taste for music careers!