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We all have moments on the gig where we have a saxophone emergency and we find ourselves in need of a quick fix. It may be a spring that pops out of place or a pad that tears. Regardless of what it may be, there are a few things you can keep in your case in the chance there’s a problem.

1. Spring Hook: Spring hooks are not expensive and there are quite handy. They are typically used to hook back a spring on the saxophone in the case that it falls out of place. If a spring slips during a session or rehearsal, you can use the eraser end of a pencil to push it back into place in case you don’t have a spring hook. When pushing the spring back into place, make sure you don’t push it back too far or you will alter the tension of the spring. Push it back just enough to slip it on or under the spring hook of the key. Springs slip off due to the angle they are at. If the spring is pulled tight, it is more likely to slip off.

2. Rubber Bands: If you break a spring, you can use rubber bands in its place. You should keep several different sizes of rubber bands in your case. Remember that rubber bands do not hold their tension for very long, so make sure you keep spares or take your sax in for repair!

3. Saran Wrap: You can use saran wrap to cover the surface of a pad in case you tear it. Cut out a piece, place it over the pad, pull the edges over the top of the key and tie it there with a rubber band.

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