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There are two important reasons to keep your instrument in good working order. The first is so that it will be in good shape for your performances and the second is far more important. It is so that your horn will have a long life.

To ensure your instrument has a long life, you should take them into a repairperson for regular checkups. For example, when the pads on a woodwind instrument become old, they harden and wear down the tone holes on an instrument, decreasing its lifespan. By taking it in every six months or so, this can easily be avoided.

Check your instrument often and do what you can to maintain it. That means clean it thoroughly after use, change the strings/reeds when they become old, and take it in for check-ups. Keeping your instrument in good shape increases the life of the instruments as well as its playability. Plus, having an instrument that works well ensures that you’ll enjoy playing a lot more!

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