Striving to be hailed as an impactful teen trumpeter Nic Scott is on a mission to give teen brass players a boost and he intends to use jazz to do it. Coupling fast-tracked world class education through intensive study with Hall of Famer Hunter Moss and the savvy to build a powerful network through social contributions such as playing taps at local soldier’s funerals Nic is raising awareness that bringing brass into a teen’s life outside of school reshapes their reality, changes their life’s rhythm, and makes them part of a community of fascinating quality people.

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Trumpeter Nic Scott

Located in Summerville, GA

  • Trumpet
  • Years Playing: 3.5 years


Teen Jazz Artist Badge

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As an artist Nic has a laser focus on developing his chops, range, sound, and technical skills to their fullest potential to rival the killer musicality he’s naturally equipped with. Nic has his own ideas about touring…he’s packed his schedule with clinicians and educators coast to coast. He figures the better he sounds on stage the better people will hear his message. This teen artist is focused on making music and making it matter.

Setup & Music Gear

1968 Selmer Deville and Bach Artisan 7C

When did you first begin seriously studying your instrument?

In 2015 I started in school band, but I wasn’t studying music, I was just showing up for class. After a rough road in middle school my mother chose to homeschool me and found me a private trumpet teacher. Eventually as I began making music on my own terms, instead of noise for a school grade it changed the rhythm of my life into something that I love. Now I’m in harmony with my academics, my family, and myself. In early 2017 when I realized I wanted to define who I am with music I began to truly study it.

What are you doing with music right now?

In my 3-4 hours of daily practice I’m focusing on sound production in the higher registers and developing musicality within my audition pieces for school applications. And of course improv is always part of the day. The bigger picture: 1) Crafting jazz opportunities for local teens that do not exist. Seriously I live in the middle of nowhere Georgia, with a tiny population, a lot of poverty, and very little arts presence. There’s no better way to collaborate with other teen musicians and connect with the community than jazz. Lots of media attention, lots of community outreach, and I’m making serious strides toward my goal having secured my funding, space, and building my executive board. 2) I’m in intensive study several days a week with Bugle Hall of Famer, Hunter Moss, who’s had a concentration on jazz a big portion of his career. 3) I’m playing taps at veterans funerals because the soul stirring impact live taps has is something these guys earned, audio recordings are unacceptable. Other stuff I’m stoked about: I’m attending four educational events all over the country this year. Week long brass or trumpet focused workshops and camps and the International Trumpet Guild Conference, getting to every gig I can, and doing a brass instrument repair apprenticeship. I’m a little nervous but super excited to populate my website (www.nicscott.net) with professionally recorded tracks of my pieces and performances in August of this year.

Who are some of your influences?

In order of impact: Hunter Moss, Louis Armstrong, Niklas Eklund, “Cootie Williams”, Dizzy Gillespie

Who do you/have you studied with?

A couple of school band directors started me out on mechanics, but the real studying started at Shorter University when Hunter Moss gave me his attention.

What are some of your goals musically for the future?

I plan to make the most valuable impact that I can on teens and jazz is a universal language that everyone enjoys and responds to. Music was a turning point in my life. I was on a dangerous road. When my teacher’s approach to my music eduction grabbed my attention it opened a door for me that led to a healthy enjoyable and exciting life. I intend to open that door with my music for other teens for the rest of my life. That requires I become an accomplished jazz artist, educated teacher, and effective entrepreneur.

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