Title: Succeeding in Music
Author: John Stiernberg
Genre: Music Businees Book and Workbook with CD-Rom
Page Count: 198 pages

About the Book:

Published by Backbeat Books in 2002, John Stiernberg’s “Succeeding in Music” is a user-friendly guide to the music business, finance, and marketing. “Succeeding in Music” teaches the reader how to create and implement their own business plan with a basic and easily understandable roadmap. It includes a CD-ROM with checklists, resources, and other templates to help you plan and manage your music career.

Our Thoughts:

This book is highly recommended for those who need an introduction to music business and marketing, this is the perfect book. However, if you have read extensively on or have a background in music business, this book is not for you.

“Succeeding in Music” is in a way, a “Music Business 101” class in an easily digestible, book form. It covers many of the business and marketing essentials necessary to starting and maintaining a successful career. Much of the advice offered can be found online for free on various music blogs if you’re willing to spend the time to look for it, but this book presents the information in one convenient text.

It’s definitely a great first book if you don’t have any experience with marketing or running your own business, but if you do have any background knowledge (or if you have done a bit of independent research), you might find the content of this book to be nothing but a review.

The author, John Stiernberg, works for a business consulting company he established in 1993. He frequently speaks at seminars, works as a professional musician, and has experience working as a booking agent.

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Published by Shannon Kennedy

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