It was just a short time ago that we reviewed saxophonist Reggie Padilla’s debut album  “Almost Home” and it is with great pleasure that we introduce his second release, “They Come and They Go” released May 27, 2014 on Pass Out Records.

On “They Come and They Go,” Reggie Padilla is joined by The North, a trio compromising of pianist Romain Collin, drummer Abe Lagrimas Jr. and bassist Shawn Conley.

The album opens with “+” a tune that starts right off the bat with high energy, building into a drum solo before finally relaxing and easing into a short interlude on piano before Reggie takes over for a solo on sax. “Don’t Forget to Smile” has a great melody and it features not only Reggie Padilla, but Romain Collin on piano and Shawn Conley on bass, but it’s “The Second Round” that I could listen to on repeat.

The tracks on the album are each beautifully composed, but what really made the record for me was the performance and the overall production. Each performer is placed in the mix just right, making the listening experience quite enjoyable, particularly with headphones. If you close your eyes and turn the volume up, you feel like you’re right there in the room with them.

We definitely enjoyed Reggie Padilla’s latest release – so much that we featured it on our last episode of Teen Jazz Radio – and needless to say, we highly recommend it. It’s really gratifying to see young artists putting out such well-produced projects and we’d love it if you supported them so that they can continue to do just that!

Reggie Padilla was born and raised in Long Island, New York. He began playing the saxophone at the age of nine and classical piano at the age of seven. He earned his BM in Classical Piano Performance from Long Island University at CW Post and his Master’s of Music Education from New York University. He relocated to Hawaii in 2007 where he has collaborated with artists and groups including Eric Miyashiro, Yasuko Hayakawa, Dan Hill, Stephen Bishop, and Bop Tribal.

Visit Reggie’s website to learn more about him or you can read our interview with him here.

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Album: They Come and They Go
Artist: Reggie Padilla
Label: Pass Out Records
Date: May 27, 2014
Genre: Jazz


01 +
02 Don’t Forget to Smile
03 They Come and They Go
04 Count on Me
05 Lullaby for Three or More
06 Chicken and Peanuts for Kenny
07 The Second Round
08 Number 6
09 Another Day

Get They Come and They Go on Amazon

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