Guitarist Lawson Rollins released Traveler, his fifth album as a solo artist on February 17, 2015 by way of Inifinita Records. Accompanied by Mads Tolling, Charlie Bisharat, Randy Tico, Dave Bryant, Cameron Stone, Scotty Morris, Joshua Levy, and Karl Hunter, the composer delights listeners with twelve original tracks.

One almost feels as though they need to get their passport ready as Lawson Rollins brings us along on his journey to Spain (“Barcelona Express” and “Meeting in Madrid”), France (“Café Paris”), Germany (“Berlin Bossa” – my favorite track), among other popular travel destinations.

Opening with the exciting and energetic title track, “Traveler,” Lawson Rollins takes listeners on a global adventure by bringing us across Europe. Rollins then leads us back to California with “Marching West” and “Journey Home”. Each of the tracks on the project are tied to a certain place where the guitarist and artist has either lived or visited, those places which have inspired his prodigious career and music.

Lawson Rollins won the 2014 USA Songwriting Competition’s “Best Instrumental Song”, placing third overall in the contest. He has also topped the most-played charts for Sirius Radio’s Watercolors and was offered a guest DJ hosting spot. He began his career as a solo artist in 2008 with “Infinita” after performing as Young & Rollins alongside Daniel Young.

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Title: Traveler
Artist: Lawson Rollins
Date: February 17, 2015
Genre: World
Label: Infinita Records


01 Traveler
02 Barcelona Express
03 Café Paris
04 Berlin Bossa
05 Meeting in Madrid
06 Marching West
07 Journey Home
08 Beyond the Bayou
09 Across the Moors
10 Metropolis
11 Ancient City
12 City Electric

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