It’s time for our listening list for the month of June! It has been a while since our last update – we shared a playlist back in February – so we’re definitely overdue!

Every few months we try to feature a few songs or albums that we’re listening to here at Teen Jazz. We’ll showcase the playlists of our host, Shannon Kennedy, as well as a few of our Teen Jazz Artists, Contributors and Influences. We hope you enjoy getting an inside look, and even more importantly, we hope you discover some great music!


Shannon Kennedy, Teen Jazz Host

Joshua Redman Joshua Redman

Lately I’ve really gotten back into Joshua Redman. I’ve been listening to his self-titled album, Joshua Redman, from 1993 on Warner Bros. It has a lot of really great tracks on it and I love his cover of the James Brown classic “I Got You.” It’s a favorite of mine, but his albums like Elastic are also at the top of my list.


Dan Siegel Indigo

I also enjoyed a cd we recently reviewed here on Teen Jazz, Dan Siegel’s “Indigo” and it’s been a part of my playlist for a few months now. Some really great original tunes are on this album and we definitely recommend it.

Adrian Crutchfield Private Party

Lastly I’d like to mention that I’ve been listening to a project by one of the artists who contributed to this post – Adrian Crutchfield. He’s got a great project out called “Private Party.” It’s a fun listen. Adrian is a talented, up and coming player. You can check out our interview with him here.


Adam Fallen, Teen Jazz Artist

Right now I’ve been listening to a lot of Chris Dave Drum Hedz. I love how experimental that group is and they all listen to each other so well. The groove they keep while entering different songs and metric modulations is incredible. Especially a big fan of Chris Dave and Isaiah Sharkey. The mix and sound that Isaiah has going on is so unique and new yet classic and shares similar sounds to George Benson and Joe Pass but with a funky gospel twist.

I am also listening a lot to Kendrick Lamar’s newest album, To Pimp A Butterfly [Clean], which I’m obsessed with. I’m already a huge hip hop fan and the album is reminiscent of classic funk and jazz sounds interwoven throughout the highly creative hip hop grooves. The album is so thematic and conceptual which I really want to do with my upcoming EP to be released. The level of musicianship, production, composing, and song writing on the record is insane and I love that they took time to make the record and didn’t rush through it.

I am listening to the album “Livin’ the Luxury Brown” by Mint Condition. I was brought to it after finding out it was a record with Chris Dave on it that I hadn’t heard. I really dig this record because it’s a classic 90’s r&b soul vibe and sound but the groove and pocket is so thick on the album and it’s just feel good dance music with great musicians.

Check out Adam’s profile on Teen Jazz.


Adrian Crutchfield, Teen Jazz Artist

Well, I don’t really stay up to date on music. I just play what I like, no matter how old or new it may be. My playlists usually consist of a variety of stuff… from Esperanza Spalding, Anthony Hamilton, Mos Def, some Usher – (the entire 8701 album and some of Confessions;) and Biggie and Pac…. to silly stuff like the soundtrack to A Goofy Movie (Tevin Campbell’s Stand Out, and Eye to Eye). Sometimes my playlist might be Tower of Power, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, or a group called Emogen Heap. I guess I’m eclectic?

Read Adrian’s Interview on Teen Jazz.

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