On June 23, 2015, vocalist Steven Davis will release his first big band album, “What Happened to Romance” on his label, First Second Records.

The fourteen-track album includes a collection of original music and covers of Johnny Mercer’s “Day In, Day Out” and Irving Berlin’s “All By Myself.”

Davis, a Nashville native, traveled to New York City to create “What Happened to Romance”, penning several of the tunes alongside The 88s’ Josh Charles and Alissa Moreno. The album was recorded with The After Midnight Orchestra which features members of the Count Basie and Duke Ellington bands. The arrangements, assembled and directed by Andy Farber, bring a classic elegance to the project.

On “Young Love,” the closing track on the album, Steven Davis really shines as a vocalist, bringing an energy to the song that has you snapping along. “Love Comes Right on Time” is a great lead-in for the project and gets you in the mood for some great American Songbook-esque listening.

The track “Perfectly Perfect” was featured in a commercial for the German mobile banking application, Centrally Numbers. Steven Davis’ recent performances include the I Create Music ASCAP Expo and the Durango Songwriters Film/TV Expo.

Get What Happened to Romance on Amazon.

Title: What Happened to Romance
Artist: Steven Davis
Date: June 23, 2015
Genre: Jazz, American Songbook
Label: First Second Records


01 Love Comes Right on Time
02 You’re Gonna Fall in Love With Me
03 What Happened to Romance
04 This Time
05 Perfectly Perfect
06 I Found Love
07 Let’s Keep It a Secret
08 Day In, Day Out
09 If You Were Mine
10 Close Your Eyes
11 If I Could Give You More
12 All By Myself
13 Sometime Soon
14 Young Love

Get What Happened to Romance on Amazon.

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