Interview with Saxophonist Ryan Saranich | Teen Jazz Influence

Saxophonist Ryan Saranich is our third Teen Jazz Artist to graduate to Teen Jazz Influence alongside Adam Larson and Andrew Boostrom.

Since we first featured Ryan on Teen Jazz back in 2007, he has gone on to lead a successful career as a recording artist, touring musician and arranger.

In our latest Teen Jazz Radio Podcast episode, we caught up with Ryan to see what he’s been doing and learn what his advice is for fellow up and coming musicians. Just click play on the video above to find out more about how he became a touring musician, how he got into arranging and his advice to those looking to tour, record or arrange.

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Published by Shannon Kennedy

Shannon Kennedy is a vocalist and saxophonist living in Southern California. She is author of "The Album Checklist" and the founder of Teen Jazz. She has been contributing articles to music magaizines and websites since 2004.

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