When I began to double on clarinet, I needed an affordable and playable horn. By chance, I stumbled upon a used Buffet B12 clarinet, and I am so glad that I was able to start out on such a great instrument.

I had a few issues with pitch on the instrument. For me, the standard barrel was too long and so I had the tendency to play flat. I ended up buying a few shorter barrels and I haven’t had any issues with it since.

The clarinet was made from plastic instead of wood and so I was quite happy I didn’t have to deal with the care or inconsistencies that I’ve been told exist with wood clarinets. And, because it was a student clarinet, it was made for a beginning clarinet player, like myself, so the function of each button was clear and it eased the time I spent learning the instrument.

I’d like to eventually move to a professional wood clarinet, but for now I’m quite happy with the Buffet B12. I think it’s a great start for clarinet doublers or for those taking up their first instrument.

If you play clarinet, have you tried the B12? What do you think? What do you play?

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Published by Shannon Kennedy

Shannon Kennedy is a vocalist and saxophonist living in Southern California. She is author of "The Album Checklist" and the founder of Teen Jazz. She has been contributing articles to music magaizines and websites since 2004.