A new generation of smooth jazz performers have begun to carve their place in the genre, sharing their energetic performance and youthful take on the style. We introduced you to keyboardist Jonathan FritzĂ©n in an earlier review on Teen Jazz, and now we’d like to share the music of yet another up and coming keyboardist, Nicholas Cole.

On September 11, 2012, Nicholas Cole released his debut effort, Endless Possibilities, in partnership with Cutmore Records, and as the title implies, the album is an exploration of the “endless possibilities” within the smooth jazz genre.

The album features an impressive cast of musicians such as Tim Bowman, Michael Stever, Steve Cole, Lynne Fiddmont, Vincent Ingala, Steve Oliver, Julian Vaughn and Marcus Anderson and an equally impressive 14 tracks showcasing Nicholas Cole’s talent as a keyboardist, producer and composer.

North Carolina native Nicholas Cole created “Endless Possibilities” at the age of 17/18 (sources vary) along with his musician father in their home studio. According to his Twitter account, he is now 19 and is gearing up to put together his next project.

For more information on Nicholas Cole and his future endeavors, check out his website.

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Title: Endless Possibilities
Artist: Nicholas Cole
Date: September 11, 2012
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Cutmore Records


01 Please Don’t Say No (feat. Tim Bowman)
02 Between Us (feat. Michael Stever)
03 Falling for You
04 When I Think of You
05 In It to Win It
06 Just One Night (feat. Steve Cole)
07 Endless Possibilities
08 Beyond the Stars (feat. Lynne Fiddmont)
09 Snap (feat. Vincent Ingala)
10 Oasis (feat. Steve Oliver)
11 Playin Again
12 Triple Threat (feat. Julian Vaughn & Marcus Anderson)
13 Conversations
14 Tatiana

Get Endless Possibilties on Amazon

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