Kyle Eastwood’s latest album, The View from Here, was released March 12, 2013 on Jazz Village. The album showcases Kyle Eastwood’s growth and evolution as an artist with eleven unique tracks written by Eastwood and the members of his ensemble. The View from Here was recorded in France near Avignon at La Buissonne.

With The View from Here, Eastwood shares his rich musical background with listeners and gives them an inside view into his life as both a fan of music and an artist. Alongside Eastwood on double and electric bass are Graeme Blevins on soprano and tenor saxophones, Graeme Flowers on trumpet and flugelhorn (*note: may actually be Quentin Collins, the trumpet player is listed as different performers on different sources), Andrew McCorkmack on piano and keys, and Martyn Kaine on drums.

Nine of the 11 songs on the album were written solely by Eastwood while “Mistral” is written by trumpeter Graeme Flowers and “Luxor” is by Eastwood and pianist Andrew McCormack.

Kyle Eastwood is the son of the famous Clint Eastwood, but is respected in his own right as a jazz performer, band leader and composer. His music had appeared in films such as Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, and Gran Torino. He began studying the bass in high school and later studied with Bunny Brunel. He released his first album From There to Here in 1998.

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Title: The View from Here
Artist: Kyle Eastwood
Date: March 12, 2013
Genre: Jazz
Label: Jazz Village


01 From Rio to Havana
02 For M.E.
03 The View from Here
04 Sirocco
05 Luxor
06 Une Nuit au Sénégal
07 The Way Home
08 The Promise
09 Mistral
10 Summer Gone
11 Route de La Buissonne

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