Setup/Gear/Manufacturer of Instruments:

I’ve been singing since i was born, I’ve played the guitar for 7 years, I’ve played the piano for 4 years and i played the trombone and trumpet for around a year. I own 3 guitars, one electric, one acoustic and one electric acoustic. i own a trumpet and a piano.

Why did you begin studying music?

I don’t really know, it’s just one of my passions, i’ve been musical for so many years yet i’m so young. I guess all the music i used to listen to when i was little influenced me.[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

Guitarist Anna Wildmore

Located in Norwich, Norfolk

  • Guitar
  • 7 years of playing
  • Doubles: Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Trombone, Trumpet

Teen Jazz Artist Badge

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What are you doing with music now?

I’m currently having guitar and piano lessons and a music lesson once a fort night, i’m also composing.

Who are some of your influences?

Avril lavinge, Lotte Mulan, Blake, Paramore, Evanescene, Muse, My old music teacher Mrs Calver, My drama group Cantors, My Big Sisters, My muscial friends i.e. Charlotte Barnard;),My drama friends i.e. shannon, becca, ben, charlotte & maddie and My guitar..xxx

Who have you studied with?

Cantors, Shani’s vocal acadamy, John Buck and soon to be Bungay high school.

What would you like to do with music in the future?

I hope to be composing music and perhaps performing it.


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