If you are a saxophonist or a jazz musician looking to expand or improve your playing, I cannot express the importance of jazz lessons enough. Even though there are an infinite number of materials available – including pre-recorded digital lessons – and they can do a lot to help you improve if you’re trying to work on your own, private lessons can make an immense difference in your playing.

Having a great teacher can go a long way – but that doesn’t mean that you can get away with not putting in the work. If you want to see a huge (and fast) improvement, working on the material between you lessons is essential. Still, having a teacher that knows what they’re doing and how to explain things in a way you understand is irreplaceable.

That’s why I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Tim Price.

Tim has worked with Teen Jazz in the past, offering a discount on his services during a few of our past 12 Deals of Christmas programs, and the feedback we’ve received from Teen Jazz readers on the lessons they received from him have been nothing but positive. I, myself, have studied with Tim and I have not walked away from a single conversation with him without something new to work on.

If you’d like a peek at what Tim Price has to offer as an educator, check out his resources page on Sax on the Web. He’s taken the time to publish quite a bit of free material that you can check out to get a feel for his teaching style.

Schedule a lesson with Tim Price or find out more about his teaching here.

About Tim Price

Tim Price holds a degree from Berklee School of Music. He is a Selmer jazz educator and clinician and he has studied with Charlie Mariano, Andy McGhee, Joe Viola, and Nick Ciazza. He teaches jazz saxophone at the New School University in New York City and has several published books including Great Tenor Sax Solos, Julian “Cannonball” Adderley Collection, and Hot Rock Sax – Techniques, Licks And Effects.

Learn more about Tim’s teaching.

*Please note that this is not a sponsored post. This is my own personal opinion. I’ve had several discussions from Tim and have studied under him. He did not ask me to write this post, I have written it of my own volition.

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Shannon Kennedy is a vocalist and saxophonist living in Southern California. She is author of "The Album Checklist" and the founder of Teen Jazz. She has been contributing articles to music magaizines and websites since 2004.

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