On May 28, 2014, New York City based drummer Bastian Weinhold released his sophomore project, Cityscape, a collection of original compositions with a fantastic lineup of musicians.

Cityscape opens with the first in a series of interludes, “Interlude I,” where each of the musicians check their instruments over the sounds of the city before delving into the title track, “Cityscape.”

The album has an edgy fusion-influenced feel with tunes like “Mole Hunt” but is well-balanced with a few jazzier compositions and ballads like “Home to Home.” “One for the Doctor,” however, with its intricate melody is the standout track on the album for me.

Overall the album is a great listen with fantastic performances from Bastian Weinhold on drums, Nils Weinhold on guitar, Adam Larson on saxophone and Raviv Markovitz on bass. It’s wonderful to hear how a new generation of artists are taking hold of the jazz idiom and making it their own, and this album is a fine example of just that.

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Title: Cityscape
Artist: Bastian Weinhold
Date: May 28, 2014
Genre: Jazz
Label: FRAME Music


01 Interlude I
02 Cityscape
03 The Snowman
04 Alone
05 Interlude II
06 Mole Hunt
07 Home To Home
08 Everyday List
09 One for the doctor
10 Interlude III

Get Cityscape on Amazon.

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