1. Stereo Poster

StereoPoster is an interactive concert poster that allows artists or promoters to include images and sound clips along with links to purchase tickets to an event. It is currently free to use.

2. Patreon

Patreon is a new way to do fan funding. Rather than focusing on a large project, Patreon allows artists to get funding for a smaller but consistent stream of content. So, for example, if you release a string of singles, your fans can opt in to offer you $1 or more each time you release something new. Learn more about Patreon.

3. Feedback Loop

Feedback Loop is a really cool option for music fans and music discovery. Each month, fans receive a gift box called a “time capsule” with a USB containing the music they help fund by paying a monthly subscription fee. The suggested donation is $10/month while the minimum is $2, but anything under $10 only includes digital gifts and not the cool band swag $10+ includes. Artists need to submit a proposal to be included as part of the program.

4. Gumroad

Gumroad simplifies the purchase process of digital files for your fans, cutting the buying process down into 2 simple steps. Check out Gumroad.

5. Live Music Stage

Live Music Stage is a “live music venue online.” It enables musicians to monetize their online performances while giving fans a “front row” experience with access to the artists before and after the show. Visit Live Music Stage.

6. Dropify

Did you know that when you enable the download option on Soundcloud’s Free Plan it limits you to 100 downloads? By adding Dropify to your Soundcloud page you’ll no longer have to worry about download restrictions. Plus, by adding a gate to Dropify, you can require fans to “like” your Facebook page in exchange for a song download. For more information, visit Dropify

6 Great Online Music Tools for Musicians | Teen Jazz
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