Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Ken’s Shuttle Service – Offers shuttle … Read through the list carefully to see which resupply options are available in which areas. I’m guessing it will take me about 5 weeks, with a 23 mile per day average and one scheduled zero day in the town of Pine. At 20.7 miles (each way), this easy to moderate section has beautiful alpine meadows, lakes galore, and frequent wildlife sightings. Long story short, not paying for certain creature comforts makes things a little more affordable. Like the Arizona Canal Trail, the Sun Circle Trail parallels a canal with rideable paths on both sides. I don’t really consider thru-hiking to be groundbreaking or world changing, but I like the way it makes me feel about myself. Thanks for your support! At mile 38 from Page, just after mile marker 25, you’ll pass through a roadcut and the highway will begin a big, sweeping curve to the right. For the most part, the Arizona Trail resupply options are well spaced, so that one doesn’t need to carry too many days of food. I’m going northbound, also known as NOBO in hiker lingo. Change ), I'm an endurance athlete, long distance hiker, mental health advocate and amateur writer and photographer. The Arizona Trail Race ( AZTR 800) starts on the US/Mexico border , while the 300 starts about 14 miles north of the border at the Parker Canyon Lake, usually about one hour later. Trail Group: Arizona Trail Association. The route to the Presidio in San Francisco follows as closely as possible the historic route taken by Anza and the 300 immigrants in his charge during the winter of 1775-76. Welcome!! If I know exactly which towns to go into, and have a resupply box waiting there for me, then I usually avoid spending unnecessary time and money in town (see my section on my budget for the trail above). I’ve arranged transport to the trail through a lovely trail angel in Tucson, and my friend Gabrielle is picking me up from the state line and taking me back to her home in Phoenix before I go home to Seattle. border, … The trail continues through the Santa Catalina north of Tucson and the Mazatzal Mountains before ascending the Mogollon Rim north of Payson, eventually leading to the higher elevations of Northern Ariz… I’ve had several people reach out to me on social media, via email, and on this site asking how I can afford to live the lifestyle that I do, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty on budgeting for a thru-hike. You might even catch a glimpse of Arizona’s state amphibian, the Arizona tree frog. Oversized, fluffy spiders can just go ahead and stay away. The original plan was to fly back to Arizona on Dec. 5 for a few days, then fly to State College, Pa., on Dec. 9. Thankfully, I’m a freak of nature who happens to love trip planning and research, and I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with everyone. Apache Trail Scenic Drive, Arizona: Hours, Address, Apache Trail Scenic Drive Reviews: 4.5/5 I’m about to find out. I’m more worried about scorpions crawling into my shoes at night, so I’ll have to be diligent in giving them a good shake in the mornings before I put them on. In order to save, I also moved out of the Seattle area, despite still working there. I had several encounters with rattlesnakes on the PCT, but none were dangerous. I’m both excited and a little anxious to be in the process of planning my ‘2400 miles of trails’ for 2019, which includes thru-hikes of the Arizona National Trail, The Oregon Coast Trail, and the Pacific Northwest Trail. There’s both in Arizona. Living out in the middle of nowhere makes these things a lot easier, as it’s a long drive into the nearest town to purchase any indulgences. I’ll find trails with no snow pack (not an easy feat here in the PNW) and set out to do longer mileage days with the intention of testing any new gear that I’ve acquired. Passage 28 covers some of the state’s most scenic territory, from creeks to canyons and historical sites. The Arizona Trail Association website offers a resupply document that outlines the latest options on the Arizona Trail. Water sources may be tricky since it’s the desert, but I’m using the Guthooks AZT app, which will let me know where there’s water along the way. This will help you plan out your resupplies efficiently and effectively. border, and finishing at the Utah state line. The southern terminus of the trail (Passage #1) is at the US-Mexico border. I had a friend ask me this question recently, because they said the thought of walking all day, braving the elements, being dirty for days on end, and sleeping on the ground sounds ‘absolutely miserable.’. There are tons of great hikes around Tucson, but an easy one to add to your … If you can point to a location on a topographical map (available at BLM) we can determine if the site is on public lands. The Arizona Trail (AZT) is a rugged, challenging 800+ mile thru-hike that stretches from the border of Mexico to the border of Utah, and is riddled with challenges such as extreme heat, freezing temperatures, snow, blowing sand, lack of water, consistent elevation change, and many stinging and poisonous critters. The Arizona National Scenic Trail is a National Scenic Trail from Mexico to Utah that traverses the whole north–south length of the U.S. state of Arizona. Home Grown Mountain Bike Tours – Offers shuttle service between Tucson to the International Border for $55 and $110 to start and back from Picket Post.You can reach them by phone or by email at There are several free-roaming buffalo herds in this area, if you’re very lucky you’ll catch a glimpse! To get here from the town of Sonoita, follow AZ 83 south 30 miles to its intersection with FR 48. Broken Arrow Trail should be hiked if possible. I’m continuing my campaign ‘Hiking for Hope and Healing’ with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The buyer pays the same price as they would otherwise, and your purchase helps to support The Trek's ongoing goal to serve you quality backpacking advice and information. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The trail links US Forest Services trails Fisher Point and Oldham. There are several resupply options along the trail, so read through the document that finds out which work best for you. Continue 0.2 miles to a parking area, restrooms, and several campsites. The Arizona Trail is broken up into “Passages” from South to North. To be honest, I’m scared of rattlesnakes more than I am of black bears. Location: Traverses from Coronado National Memorial near the US-Mexico border to the Kaibab Plateau Region near Utah Mountain views never grow old. I had an unfortunate encounter with some cholla, a type of spiny cactus, on the PCT last year, so I’ll need to be careful to avoid it and it’s barbed needles when hiking. The way a forest smells fills me with peace. Type: End-to-end We prefer to carry fewer days of food, so that means that we had quite a … I always let my family know where I am, and what day I’m expected in the next town. My budget, on trail, for the AZT is $500. This time around, I’m increasing my goal to $4000. Others things that help me to save money: I do a Costco grocery run every two weeks, rarely go out to eat, and now eat a vegetarian diet. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Turn left (south) onto FR 48 and continue 5.4 miles to FR 61. Since there is no direct way to get on the trail at the border, Montezuma Pass is the closest practical entrance. Tumamoc Hill, Tucson. My Favorite Gear for an Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike, Uncertainty and Strife: Thru-Hiking Permits in the Time of COVID-19, Learn to Poop Outside Responsibly with a Backcountry Bidet, Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Thru-Hiker Who Already Has Everything, 20 Edible Plants and Fungi You’ll Find on the Appalachian Trail, Backpacker Radio 89 | Dr. Kristina Kiefer on Backpacking with a Dog, My Biggest Appalachian Trail Gear Regrets, Gossamer Gear LT5 Carbon Trekking Poles Review. There are sections of slickrock where it's possible to begin "sliding down" seeking a lower path. Trail life can seem monotonous, but I always miss it once it’s over. Terrain: A broad range of terrain from desert to arboreal forests It turned out great, but depending on how thorough you want to … Yes, I’m hiking solo again. Kind of. I prefer to keep my start date and projected finish times between myself and my family. The southern terminus of the trail (Passage #1) is at the US-Mexico border. Thankfully, I’m gone during the summer, so I don’t have to deal with the stress of having a bone dry well. Questions about trails, thru-hiking, gear or solo wilderness travel, I'm happy to help: Park in designated spots only. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Since there is no direct way to get on the trail at the border, Montezuma Pass is the closest practical entrance. The time of year has a strong bearing on where water can be found. The Arizona Trail provides diverse terrain, solitude, and a true wilderness experience. At mile 6.4, you’ll pass Wahweap Marina, which offers camping. Along the way, you will pass the 10,912 foot volcanic Escudilla Mountain, Arizona’s third tallest peak. At the end of the guardrail on the left, turn left onto a dirt road. The original western start at Ft Whipple (now the Prescott VA Hospital area) to its current start around P20, is not established or marked, but the general path is known. ( Log Out /  I have a reflective trekking umbrella, but I doubt I’m going to use it. The well on my property has posed some interesting challenges, with my water testing positive for E.coli this last December, and the well completely drying up in the summer months. As far as finding a campsite at night, I use the Guthooks app, which tells me of established spots, and how many tents will fit there. … I try to keep my itineraries open, because you never know what the day is going to throw at you. I’m ridiculously excited to see some big-ass saguaro cactus. I’ll be traversing several mountain ranges, including the Huachuca, Santa Rita, Rincon, Santa Catalina, Mazatzal, and San Francisco Peaks, as well as crossing through Saguaro National Park and the Grand Canyon. This 16.1 mile (each way) trek is a summertime favorite for hikers and boasts both popular campgrounds and more isolated camping spots for those who prefer seclusion. Since I’m bivy camping this time, I’ll be able to squeeze into tighter areas. This was very informative – thank you for posting this! I’ll be posting a list with descriptions soon regarding my gear choices. Continue east 8.8 miles on a rough dirt road to a large parking area at the summit of the pass. I wrote a blog post about pooping, peeing, and periods, and how to deal with it in the wilderness. Where does it start and finish? Since I’m hiking in the early Spring, and there will likely be snow in some of the higher elevations, I’m hoping that most of the creeks and springs will be flowing, and the cisterns and stock tanks will be full. Temperatures are more agreeable, making for a significantly better hike. The trailhead is on the left as you drive in. General Impressions …Well, we finished the Arizona Trail almost three weeks ago, and yet it feels much longer. Cross the state line at mile 13. ( Log Out /  I poop in the ground mostly, following ‘Leave No Trace’ ethics. Highest Elevation:Kaibab Plateau, 9,148 feet. Here’s a sneak peek at my base weight, which sits at just over 8 pounds: I eat lots of different things, anything that is high in fat and calories are the best: cookies, chocolate, coconut butter, peanut butter, tortillas, ramen, protein bars, instant coffee with cream and sugar, Gatorade mix, potato chips, crackers, etc. You can expect to see options like gateway communities, Post Office resupply locations, and different towns in varying distances from the Arizona Trail. This is 0.2 miles south of mile marker 26. The Arizona National Scenic Trail—better known simply as the Arizona Trail—is an 800-mile long trail that runs the entire length of the state, from the border we share with Mexico all the way up to Utah. I try to only camp in well established campsites, as per ‘Leave No Trace’ ethics. Since the trail is broken into “Passages”, it is possible to conquer this trail one passage at a time or even explore the sections as you please. 520-237-0129 Southwest Trekking – Offers shuttle service from Mexico to the Gila River. Man, this trail is looking so sweet to me. Everyone benefits from clear rules, which is why the new study from The Arizona Trail Association, PeopleForBikes, and the Back Country Horsemen of America could be a step in the right direction. The feeling of self-reliance this creates is appealing to some hikers of the Arizona Trail. It links deserts, mountains, canyons, forests, communities and people. Follow the dirt road for 10 miles, and then turn right (west) onto a well-graded dirt road. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. And rodents, mostly mice, still gross me out simply because hantavirus has me petrified. I plan to thru hike this in the Fall. Even the most experienced riders will enjoy the beauty of the open desert or cooling off on a high mountain trail. If I were an animal, I'd be a honey badger. Planning logistics for a single long distance trail is one thing, but planning for three is a whole other level of insanity. The Arizona Trail offers easy to moderate terrain, a variety of environments, and stunning vistas. For 485 miles between Denver and Durango, the Colorado Trail (CT) winds over rocky, 13,000-foot peaks and passes, through wildflower-filled meadows, in and out of dusty mining towns, and past snow-clad vistas as it draws a line through Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Three things about me: The southern end of the trail follows a rolling alignment through the Ponderosa pine forests south of Flagstaff. Both routes follow the same path to PickettPost, the finish the the 300, where the 800 continues to Utah. That amount also doesn’t reflect travel expenses, getting to & from the trail:). At just 800 miles, this trek is possible in a shorter time frame than one of the triple crown hikes. This hike gets a moderate to strenuous rating, but is well worth the walk. Some locations are on the trail, but may not have the services you need available. By the time a SOBO hiker reaches the lower elevations south of Flagstaff, the temperatures have cooled off. Click here to see a map location of the closest coordinates. Do I train for long distance hiking? Keep in mind this thru-hike is the most friendly for hikers. Could I get away with doing less on the AZT? Please help by donating now. The terrain is so varied it will include lush greenery and rolling hills as well as steep cliffs and views of the Grand Canyon. If you’re planning on doing either of these things, do your research on where this is allowed. The start of the Apache Trail is approximately 50 minutes east of downtown Phoenix and just outside the city of Apache Junction. Distance: 800 miles Difficulty: Ranging from easy to strenuous depending on the section of the trail It worked out; I pinched pennies and saved more than enough to quit and go on my adventure. This website contains affiliate links, which means The Trek may receive a percentage of any product or service you purchase using the links in the articles or advertisements. SOUTHERN ARIZONA. Here are the most popular ones. When I get into town, I either call or text. The original eastern portion of this trail from V113 to Ft Apache is a little less known and may have used numerous routes. My favorite trail to do a multi-day backpack on is the Rogue River Trail in Oregon. Instead, I look at my maps and Guthooks app every evening or morning, which aids me in deciding how much mileage I want to do for the day, and where to camp at the end of it. Each “passage” of the Arizona Trail offers a different adventure for thru-hikers. I’m not entirely sure, but it’s been on my bucket list for some time. To learn more, please visit the About This Site page. I’ll do my best to keep my wits about me on the trail, especially in the evenings when they like to sunbathe on or near the trail before nighttime (they’re mostly nocturnal). I also love the simpleness of the trail life:  everything I need, as bare bones as that is, it’s right there in my pack. When I’m in town, I usually try to fill the calorie deficit a bit, so my diet usually includes french fries, burgers, ice cream, and some fresh fruit and yogurt to get a little something healthy in the mix. Cycling the Arizona Trail The Arizona Trail travels from Mexico to Utah through the low sonoran desert to the cool pines on the north rim of the Grand Canyon (see map).It is nearing completion thanks to tremendous volunteer effort across the state. To get here from the town of Sonoita, follow AZ 83 south 30 miles to its intersection with FR 48. Was it $1350 or more/less? Hikers say that they enjoy the isolation of the Arizona Trail- hikers are much less likely to encounter “trail magic” here as they are on the Appalachian Trail. Yes, heavily. I spent a lot of my life in a limbo of self doubt; never having much confidence in myself to do great things. It all allows my mind to finally be still, and breath deep. In March of 2019, I’m starting my thru-hike of the 800 mile Arizona National Scenic Trail, or ‘The AZT.’ Here’s a rundown on my finances for the trip, what I do to physically prepare, and other hot topics regarding the trail. Take a sky-high view of the entire 800-mile Arizona Trail as it runs from the Mexico to Utah borders. Water sources are far and few between on the Arizona Trail. Every ride, from Jeeps and overland vehicles, to ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes can explore more than 100 trails across Arizona. In February of 2017, I decided to hike the Arizona Trail (AZT) on a whim. The only thing I really plan ahead of time are my resupply locations, which helps me stick to my budget and manage my time. I don’t plan out my days in advance. But you can also dive into all aspects of the trail with a tabbed interactive map to learn about the trail, its passages, mountain bike routes, Gateway Communities, water sources, photos from all over the trail, Arizona Trail Association Topo Maps, and the Arizona Trail App and much more linking back to this … With all of this factored in, I’m looking at a total of around $1350. Beginning at the US/Mexico border and ending at the Arizona/Utah border, this trail will give you experience hiking in a wide range of climates. From Suguaro National Park […] If I put it off until the end of the day, after work or errands, I likely won’t go. However, there are certain spots where it may be necessary to obtain a permit if you plan to camp. Quickly the trail feels very distant in our minds. There is no vehicle access to the trailhead, so you have to walk from the parking area to the border where the trail begins. You’ll see beautiful canyons, lush greenery, and even a battleground site to explore if history is your thing. Obviously, the scenery plays a huge roll in this answer as well. Summers along the Arizona Trail can be scorching hot, with desert temperatures rising to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Seriously considering this as my next thru. You can find that here. I graduate school in late April and want to do a month-ish long thru-hike. Another nice Phoenix area trail is the Sun Circle that starts at McDowell Road. I use a combination of things: sun gloves/sleeves to protect my arms and hands, wearing a hat with a brim, using my bandana to shield my neck when the sun is behind me, dollops of sunscreen throughout the day on my face, ears and chest, etc. I go early, at the first light of day, so that it’s done and out of the way. We don’t have cactus or much dry weather here in the PNW, so perhaps a part of my adoration for Arizona is its stark contrast to what I’m familiar with. From the Arizona Trail Association website: head west on AZ 98 for 2.5 miles from Page to US 89 and turn right. Time is always a huge factor, with work and life taking up much of my day. Journal Photos Map Gear Food Expenses Supporters Stats : My Gear: My pack weighed 17 to 28 pounds, depending on how many days of food and miles of water I carried. Again, for safety reasons, I won’t say the exact date. The trail starts out at the hilltop, where it switch-backs down the side of the canyon for about ¾ of a mile. Do you remember, how much did you spend on Arizona Trail? This is truly an AZT question, because people usually ask me about bears. The ideal time to hike the Arizona trail is October-November and March-April. This number does not include the cost of sending resupply packages, or the food and gear I’ve purchased for this hike. Last time, I successfully raised over $3000 for suicide prevention and mental health programs. The most recent version can be found here. When I lived in Seattle, going out for meals was easily my biggest weakness, as there was at least a dozen restaurants within a few blocks of my apartment. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. These include: Colossal Cave Mountain Park (Passage 8), Saguaro National Park (Passage 9), and Grand Canyon National Park (Passage 38). I also never post my current, real-time locations on social media. The Arizona Trail is broken up into “Passages” from South to North. The city also states that if you are hiking more than 30 vertical feet below the mesa rim, you're off the trail - get back up there! But for now, I’m focused on my Arizona Trail adventure and creating content for that; please stay tuned for my gear list! I kept the leftover money in my savings account, and it’s now funding my trip up the AZT this Spring. The Arizona National Scenic Trail is a complete non-motorized path, stretching 800 diverse miles across Arizona from Mexico to Utah. One hiker describes the Arizona Trail as a “collection of microclimates”, meaning that you can be snowed on in one mile and experience sunny, dry and mild temperatures in the next few miles. Over planning will usually just end in heartache. See the Arizona Trail Association website for all of the information regarding camping permits. Find the document here. This is a hard one for me, but I still try to stay fit and committed to moving around and keeping my muscles limber. Start and End Point: Southern terminus is at border monument 102 in Coronado National Memorial near the US–Mexico border. The trail crosses through several plateaus as well as National Forests. Continuing past the end of the Apache Trail and east onto AZ 188 will take you through the city of Globe and is a 120-mile circle route. Plan a trip with friends and … Thank you for sharing. As of publication, I’m one of ninety people to have completed two thru-hikes of the PCT. Most can be easily arranged by phone and parks are generally eager to work with thru-hikers. ( Log Out /  Hiker journals recount weather changing from thunderstorms to snow over the course of a few hours, then to desert heat within the next few days. I just wanted to start off by saying thank you to everyone who followed along on my second thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail this last year; what a ride it was! I’ll find one excuse after another, with the most popular being ‘I’m too tired now.’. This sharply contrasts with the winter, where there is frequent and heavy snowfall on the trail. Plus, you hike through Grand Canyon National Park – just think about those views. 520-296-9661. Permits are not needed throughout most of the passages of the Arizona Trail. The Arizona Trail (AZT) is a rugged and beautifully wild long-distance trail stretching from the borders of Mexico to Utah. The San Francisco Peaks is slightly higher at 9,600 ft (2,900 m), but it is on a proposed section of the trail. Thanks for the great article! The trail also crosses sandy, and loose rock stretches - watch your footing. I also like seeing tarantulas on the trail because of the novelty of them, but I never want to see them in camp or anywhere near my shelter. I get asked a lot of questions prior to the start of a new trail.

where does the arizona trail start

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