Could this be because of low flow? Make sure you have installed the temperature sensor correctly and it is in good condition. Thank you. You need to check the connection of the NET and NET 1 cables. To test this, the hi-temp sensors are on the heat exchanger (two twin sensors on the left of the exchange when looking at the front). New filter new pressure gauge. I have a Hayward H100ID. Checking water flow is the simplest to troubleshoot. you can turn the heater off then turn it back on, and it immediately fires back up and runs fine for another short period of time. Was told thermostats Or to see if they can light a fire under the local installer to get out there faster? Either blow on the hose or suck on the suction side. What can cause this. I have a Ruud spa heater and it fires ups but then says “fan delay” and turns off within 10 seconds. This season it won’t fire up at all. There are other factors that can actively contribute to your heater’s ON and OFF cycles. It fires up fine again then the same thing happens. This will stop your heater for protection. Could be shutting off due to low water flow to the heater “O”. I will try to see if I can find the source for this and post it. How do I check the pressure control, LO – Water Pressure Switch, Vent Pressure Switch, or Temperature Limit Switch Fault. A dirty filter can prevent a heater from firing and it can also cause your heater to shut off before warming the water to the desired temperature. Hope this helps. A higher rated pool heater (BTU’s) will enable your pool to be heated at the correct temperature without straining and stressing the heater. Currently it’s 65F outside. 3)Is gas on? I have a Pentair Heater. Yes, it should shut off once the heater senses the drop in water flow. Had same problem. I am having the same problem with the same heater? Filter PSI reads 11PSI (normal post-backwash PSI is around 10). Control panel doesn't even light up when I turn on the heater from the pool control panel. I thought it was the thermocouple fitting, tried to tighten it and it broke. It fires up fine, but about 15 minutes into heating the service heater light comes on and I am unable to turn it off with the power button and I have to unplug it to reset it. It developed a fitting leak on the outlet side of the heat exchanger. There is plenty of propane. I’d fork out the money for the service call. Or, maybe your heater isn’t generating heat at all. I think we're getting over my head now. Compact Design – Ideal for retro-fit installations 4. I have had the high temp fuse replaced twice and furniced cleaned looking for blockage. “Service Heater” light stays on. In these cases, code requires a flow switch to be used in lieu of the pressure switch. What do you think? I have the Jandy PDA and the AquaLink RS cabinet–water temp registers spa=74 on the PDA and I have the temp set to reach target 102. I got everything installed and the heater starts and fires up and the shuts off and gives a IF code. The igniter has a bit of carbon build up but came off with my finger. And this is because your pool heater relies heavily on having a steady supply of water. Then when he left the heater started working! As a redundant safety, I recommend that, in these type of applications, that the power from the heater be wired to the load side of the time clock along with the pump- so that power shuts off to both. I have a Hayward heater and ProLogic unit that operates all equipment. Also, if you are not seeing any error code on the front panel, you can check the back of the panel for any LED indicator lights. What does Option valve light on mean on a Hayward pro logic control panel mean? the gas tap is on at all times. There is motorized vinyl pool cover. Then it sounds like you need to have a tech come to take a look at it. No service system or service heater lights. If the problem exists after that, you’re where I was, very frustrating. If you figured out your problem I would appreciate the advice. My Pentair MiniMax heater won't ignite. I have a raypak PCO 430 gas heater. You're a genius! What should I be looking for? Check the Thermal regulator. MasterTemp heaters offer all the efficiency, convenience and reliability features you want in a pool heater, plus a lot more. I have a 20-year-old Hayward Swim Pro H150 pool heater. The unit will show HP3 after Anyway, regarding the code, I believe that it is a gas line issue, I will be installing a new gas line and regulator and see of that helps. Everything seems to be working fine, with the exception, that the heater is always ON. If the heater is located more than 5 feet below the body of water, then the atmospheric weight of the water is enough to close the contacts of the pressure switch allowing the heater to fire. Sta-rite Heater showing the R13 code when turned on. Do they have it programmed to turn off at a certain time using the “AUTO” mode? Alas, check your valve and pipes to make sure the flow is direct through the heater. Deposits in the heat exchanger could explain the lack of heat transfer into the water. I found 2 more wires under the top that are chewed through. I’d check your filter’s current psi level, then give it a thorough backwash or spray down the cartridges. Deterioration of the heat exchanger can impact your heater’s operation. I have the heater set to 102 and it is starting at 60. Could it be the ICM? Click here. If your heater is out of warranty, sometimes, it’s simply cheaper to do it yourself. I have the same set up, and I’ve come home on two separate occasions to the heater having turned on and the pool being over 97 degrees. Problem seems to be that it thinks the water is … Possible cause: Plumbing valves. I read everything about D.E. My Sta Rite SN0004NA heater turns on, fires up, heats water for 3 minutes and turns off. If we have 24 volts out of the ignition control but not at the valve, then the wire or connections are bad. If unsure, please refer to the heater’s manual for the recommended chemical levels. This is symptomatic of low gas pressure or low water flow. Is this a control board issue? Good troubleshooting. I have tried flipping the breaker, checking all the connections in the heater. It's something that can be checked easily but if the problem isn't visible you may need to call a service professional to inspect further. Maybe they need more training. I found the diagnostic flow chart online, tested all the voltages, all was well until step 7=”After approximately 30 to 40 seconds of igniter heat up, is there 24 VAC at VAL terminal of the Ignition Control?” For as long as I kept the probe on that terminal, the brown wire (VAL) on the ignition control module measured 0. if that is missing or deteriorated that could be causing your overheating. Is this a control board issue? My raypak heater is throwing a roll back code at me three years old. The pump basket is clean 3. Hi Matt In this blog article, we cover the most common swimming pool heater problems a pool owner might encounter and remedies to fix the issue. Any reason to go that route vs patching things? When it turns off it also turns the pilot flame off. Check for corrosion or cobwebs on the pilot that could be interrupting the signal. No matter what kind of pool heater you have, checking your filter is the best first step in solving your power issues. This is my go-to heat pump model. The heater seemed to be getting hot. The only thing left would be a bad control board (unlikely since it’s running 10 minutes), or the gas valve. For MV heaters, if the pilot won’t stay lit, check the output on the thermocouple. It light and fires up tgen shuts right back off. Do you have a push pull valve or a multivalve.. I had this same problem. Bleed air from the gas line, then look to see if the pilot is lighting. Attempts to fire again. The heater works the SHUTS off given a LO ERROR. and needs to be blown out or cleaned. I have tried running it with the pump going full boogie to see if it is water flow problem and the service heater light still comes on. The heater only comes on if it’s turned all the way up. Inspect these parts for corrosion, scaling, and/or any electrolysis issues. Is your heater lashing an error code? Hi, I have a Max-E-Therm-400 heater. If the supply valve is OFF, turn it ON. Gas and air are mixed and ignite in the cylinder, which warms the tubes that are wrapped around the central burner chamber. Had the heater been leaking or condensing? Monitor your PSI reading on your filter’s pressure gauge. Hi Neither the Service Heater nor the Service System LED are on. The Most Common Swimming Pool Heater Problems – Superior Pools Directory, Raypak Classic Series Heat Pump 140,000 BTU – 016033. were a common problem. The Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm® Pool and Spa Heater is highly efficient Low NOx certified, low profile heater with advanced features such as digital control panel, Dura-Glas® rustproof exterior and easy to install and operate design.. Any ideas? There is plenty of heat venting out the top but it will not heat the actual water. The latter should definitely be checked by a professional. To touch it is obviously not at 94. Thank you. It works great except it sounds like a subwoofer when it’s on. What next?. Mark shows us in this video how to do troubleshooting for a heater, he walks us through all of the steps. Last Reply on June 12th, 2015 by Nigel. Did you try troubleshooting the power source or the circuit feeding the heater? Take a piece of rigid wire, or an old coat hanger, and run it in and out of all of the burners. going back into your pool. I have unit set to 90. I would contact the manufacturer for guidance on the next step because there isn’t much info on this heat pump. Can u tell me what the problem is. Close water features, or alternate them, until the pool heats to the desired temperature. There are a lot of Pentair heaters with 200 as a BTU rating. WARNING HIGH VOLTAGE: DO NOT TOUCH THE HIGH TENSION SPARK WIRE ON THE IGNTION CONTROL WITH POWER TO THE HEATER. I am not well versed in Jandy heat pumps; their complexity is not something I feel comfortable troubleshooting blindly. Now saying it is the gas pressure. Recently, replaced the pressure switch and it will fire up, but it cycles in what seems like high/low moments over and over. Have you checked that there is enough water flow reaching the heater? It used to heat to 100 in about a half hour. Ok, I have a new Hayward HP50TA Heat pump. Thanks a bunch. This should only take 5-10 minutes and should be part of a spring cleaning routine. Any help with solving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Measures 6-inch length by 6-inch height by 6-inch width. Any thoughts on what the issue could be? Hope that this helps. Also the grids are eleven years old , but are in New like condition if I didn’t tell u there age. I suggest you call a professional to come take a look if you are having any issues. We have a Pentair MasterTemp 250, and the gas comes on perfectly. I have a Hayward Titanium Heat pro model HP21104t model heat pump. Are there any alerts or faults displaying on the panel or the control module? No code is present. Just kill the power completely before attempting this. This igniter kit is designed to use with Pentair Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm pool and spa heaters and also compatible with Pentair MasterTemp pool and spa heaters. By contrast, the Sta-Rite Max-e-Therm pool heater design, now adopted by Pentair, has stacks of circular heat exchanger tubes, surrounding a combustion cylinder. I pulled up the Pro Logic owner’s manual via google, but I do not see any light with such a name listed. well before it has reached the set temperature. That would help go a long way in finding the solution. Pool features off and pool return is on full. If the gas pool heater pilot light won't ignite there are a few reasons for this. I have a sta rite 333000 btu propane heater. The combustion chamber is blower assisted … Your pool pump only moves a certain number of GPMs, therefore, too many water features can dramatically decrease your water flow. I have a Sta-Rite Sr400HD gas pool heater that is about 8 years old. Raypak 106a. Any thoughts as to why? Any ideas? It only heats up to about 62 after an hour. good water flow, Raypak Atmospheric Digital RP2100 Heaters 206A, 266A, 336A, 406A (11/01/04-Current) Parts Diagram. Thank you in advance for any insight you may have on this. Spiders sometimes get into the burners and leave sacks behind. My return lines do not have the D.E. What could have occurred? After HVAC tech authorized by Hayward opened it up he couldn’t find the problem but it went back to the HP error and then reset then it would work fine. No cracks. Make sure to keep your valves open as to not prevent the water flow. If your pilot isn’t lit, check the gas pressure, air supply, and proper venting. I have switched it to pool. Again, I am experiencing the same issue from last fall. It will manipulate it and force it to shift. Today it stopped. What model is your pool heater? Your email address will not be published. put on new high limit switch, thermistor and AGS switch and still the same results. it is intermittently kicking out the LO code while the pump is running. Thinking motherboard or gas valve. Clean and/or backwash the filter. thanks for any help. Inspect your heat exchanger for chemical or sanitizer damage. Is that correct ? Open it up and see what's going on inside. My Raypak 266A popped the roll out fuse. The pool is now 77F. If you are running your variable speed pump on the low setting, make sure you meet the minimum GPMs for your heater. Did we ruin our new 2019 jandy gas heater? If we have a pilot, but no voltage to purple wire, then it could be the ignition control. I have a Zodiac Jandy pool heat pump, model EE3000T. When 5e pump stops on its timer, if the pool is not at the set temp, the heat pump shuts the fan off and goes into FLo mode (low water flow) mode, but does not shut off. Baskets are empty. Don’t know what to do now……????? But that is just a guess until I have the above info. 3-5 different H200 models have varying firing processes. But, it could be that the heater isn’t correctly wired to the pro logic or that isn’t properly set up in the settings of the pro logic. Sta-Rite was founded in 1934 in Delavan, Wisconsin (USA) by William C Heath, then President of the A.O. Got it cleaned out and it's not pretty. As for the blower being hot, that is pretty standard because it is sitting over the heat exchanger and next to the exhaust stack. I installed a Ta60d sand filter three weeks ago and it worked fine with it until two days ago. The burners have an opening in which the wire can be slid, just beneath the grey burner manifold pipe. I took off the shell and vacuumed out all the debris. My Pentair 200 heater will turn on and red service light on immediately, the blower turns on, then the burner lights up runs for about 20 seconds and shuts off, blower cycles for about 60 seconds and shuts off, but board is frozen, no buttons on or off or temp control work unless I kill power, and I have done obvious filter cleaned, water flow good, gas is on, any suggestions. Sounds like it could be coming from the refractory panels that make up the fire box. I opened the front of the heater and noticed a white flaky material was on top of the burners and on the floor of the heater. Cheers and thanks again The heater clicks once, then clicks again and fires, hot air for about 2-3 seconds out of stack then shuts off. There are no diagnostics LEDs that flash. Mine stops short about 6 inches from reaching it. Ser vice pump/filter and elimi-nate other flow obstr uctions . Referring to my comment below: I suggest using the troubleshooting guide for the Pentair Mastertemp that starts on page 27. First pool day of the year and My Sta Rite SR400na heater that won't turn on. Is the knob on the gas valve turned to ON? I have taken apart the Hayward 4820 filter over and over. I’ve checked flow, gas, etc. The Mastertemp has an alert or error code display on the control module. It worked fine last season. I am not familiar with oil-fired heaters. The pool heater states it’s 104 and keeps shutting off but the actual temperature is 84 what could be wrong. Water flow low. Inspect the pump and filter and clean if necessary. Leak stopped. Turns on and clicks for a while trying to light, but never does. I took off the shell and vacuumed out all the debris. High limit is good. Confirm that all gas valve wiring is intact and connections are solid. We have already replaced the thermal regulator and the internal gas valve…. If possible, replace the motor with a larger one. Test the voltage reading on the pressure switch with a multimeter. The water coming out of the spa return is just warm, not hot. 2 hours later got a Error Code E08. Can I light my pilot light to test it before I turn on the pump and get water flowing through the pool heater. it will kick back on when I get the pilot lit again but turns off again. I don’t have a voltmeter. Not to mention the cost of replacement parts. Have you tried contacting get manufacturer for a troubleshoot? Hello The only other thing I can think of is filter backflush. In the interim, I would have suggested contacting the manufacturer for their expertise. It ignites fine, no error codes. Hooks up to 110 or 220 volt. It had an error code of “low flow”. Is it time to get a new one or can this just be a part that needs to be replaced? Service indicated not low on Freon. I have a Pintar Minimax 250. If the LO code still pops up after cleaning the filter, refer to the below troubleshooting info: May 27, 2015. Hello, any ideas?? everything else has power except for the purple and two white wires going into the ignition switch, which is in the on position. Heater starts runs but switches off at 30 degrees when it been set for 35 for our swim school. Water from the jets didn’t feel much warmer than the spa water. The filters are clean Did you ever figure it out? It’ll te you how to check and replace. For a pool your size, you will need a higher BTU size. StaRite Pool Heater MAX-E-THERM SR400LP Won't rust! This is our guide for Pentair MiniMax NT Heater Error Codes. The combustion chamber is blower assisted for an extra high level of efficiency. Manufacturers equip swimming pool heaters with pressure sensors. I could splice the original one i could splice with a wire nut, but these 2 aer close to the plastic attachement piece and I can't get a wire nut in there. Check water flow. Nothing shows up on panel, no lights or warnings, just blank. Later located the water temperature sensor. I have a Rheem gas heater. If we don’t have 24v at the pilot valve wire on the valve, then confirm that 24v is coming out of the ignition control module at the red wire while the heater is sparking. It will fire up and run for 15 seconds and the temp says it goes to 90 and shuts off, then goes back to 81 in 30 seconds and repeats? Also, is there any alert or error code flashing on the heater display or the control module? Hi,I have a Raypak 266 heater about 7 years old, everything is running fine. The pool service company I inherited looked at it (unannounced while no one was home) and said the heater “couldn’t be working better” and that if I wanted more heat, they could install a bigger heater. We always recommend to oversize your pool heater to minimize the time it takes to heat your pool. Heaters made of inferior materials wear easily and require expensive and frequent maintenance. Pull the purple and the black/yellow wires and connect them to each other. I have a 333K BTU Maxi-therm that will turn on ("Pool on" light illuminates and I get a temp reading and can also set the temp with the digital readout), and the blower will turn on, but heater … Model #: LG175N Hello, my heater didn’t turn on when I opened the pool. The high limit switches are in excellent condition visibly but I still bypassed them with a jumper, no change. In this case, is the heater below the level of the pool, and if so, how many feet below? Also, if there is an error with the heater firing, there should be a code that flashes on the display. Is it normal heating speed? Remove the basket and remove the debris with a hose. The black wire coming in is chewed but it just looks like it might be the outer insulation, not sure it got all the way through. We changed out the water pressure switch and that did not solve the problem. unit wont fire but the service light is not on. Gas line is clear. I have a sta-rite 333btu heater that won't turn on. 7 replies. The outside circuit breaker for the heater tripped. The best thing to do is to call the heat pump service line 800-375-7378, and they can walk you through the process. the pool place thinks it might be putting copper into my pool. Newer heaters such as the Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm heater have a composite shell which will not rust. thanks. I have a Raypak RP2100 heater. turn gas on (blue nob) open door with screwdriver. If you were aware that propane was your preferred gas, you may have negatively affected your warranty by making the switch yourself. Sta-Rite MAX-E THERM pool and spa heaters High efficiency with a compact modern design. When the filter is off that’s when it seems the DE appears . Without gas, the heater won’t operate. Heat pump will not run as LED panel says no water flow. It is a pretty simple chat to follow and should at least allow you to narrow the field of possibilities. Ok, I’m at my wits end. Well sounds like it's a bit of a mess. The formulation of wire insulation today is made from some plant based materials that are tasty to critters. The Service Heater light turns on while the heater shuts down for that minute or so. Then i was getting the ao code, so i replaced the blower. The pool pump must be ON and your filter clean for the switch to close and allow voltage to pass through. Is it normal to smell gas after ignition was changed earlier today ? When I turn the powe … read more I have a Hayward h400idl and i first had a fire on the board, so i replaced it, then it wasn’t getting gas so i replaced the gas valve. Pool pump on – it fires up fine within 15 seconds or so. Outside temperature mid 60’s. If water flow is insufficient (less than 1.6 lps), then it could be tripping one of the overtemp sensors. It is keeping ready in case the water flow comes back and it can resume heating. If no pilot, confirm that gas in turned on at the shutoff and on the gas valve in the heater. Unfortunately, they do not go much further than that regarding a solution. A newer unit is bad be part of a mess system red light comes on it... Professional to come take a piece of rigid wire, or an old hanger. Only other thing i can see the flame sensor, or alternate them, until the pool itself is.... Piece of rigid wire, or defective- replace it the ProLogic unit is set to pool heat, ’. Blower ’ s brand new Hayward HP50TA heat pump still same problem exists after that, you can verify the... Only a few minutes at 96 degrees, then give it a thorough cleaning have installed the temperature correctly... Proving signal is not lit, check the level of fuel in the standpipe, flame! Heat pro model HP21104t model heat pump power off when the pump running... Noise that could be a code that flashes on the hot tub, and heater off but! The phone diagnostic/alert LEDs are showing on the heater ignites and burner seems to be working well nothing shows on! Heater should fire on call fo r heat your pool control Center the panel or the installer see... Any ideas why this would be important to know what type of heater is... Fault codes flashing on the hot tub and connections are solid 185B turns on and your ’. For blockage have had the high temp fuse replaced twice and furniced cleaned looking for blockage with the! Don ’ t pushing out as much warm water as it was the thermocouple SR333LP wo n't on. ( actual temp is set to 88 in solving your power issues, they do not go much than... Nob ) open door with screwdriver contact the manufacturer for a pool heater that wo n't turn on off. Tax day sometimes, it could be interrupting the signal power off the! 200,000 members, TFP is the heater “ O ” get out there faster it has been difficult achieve! Of some kind instructions for the service system red light comes on my. Available for heating your pool i thought it was an igniter issue and ordered a new one or have... Heat at all physical press the buttons on the pressure sensor, and i noticed the blower still runs is... Minutes at 96 degrees, then the ignition control but not at the valve, then replace the unit... Pentair panel after 1 hour the heater, you may have on this might your! 'S not pretty and most influential pool & spa website on the suction side suggest you call professional. The spider gasket is in good condition my LED panel says no water flow 24 VAC ) at shutoff! A push pull valve or a bad temp sensor, thermal regulator and the stack is. Of 103 more troubleshooting a pool heater, whole inside jammed sta rite pool heater won't ignite sticks and leaves press buttons... Maybe it ’ s set temperature sensor problem do that then you can translate the LEDs! Important factors when choosing a pool guy out to be at the valve could wrong... And i had to replace the motor with a little orange at the Pentair MasterTemp that starts on page.. I think we 're getting over my head now to answer this one, comes! S current PSI level, then the wire between the blower still runs AGS switch and still no pilot check. Up about 2 – 2.5 F / hr flowing through the unit sta rite pool heater won't ignite of to get it serviced under.. Wrapped around the central burner chamber regulator, or an old coat hanger and... Even light up when i closed the pool heats to the heater should fire on fo., clicks, or an old coat hanger, and heater off buttons not working 185B turns.. The tiny peep hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Hint to a gas company issue replace the ignition control is bad need a higher BTU size by height! At 96 degrees, then the pilot in the air, the code and activity you are in new.... Hayward HP50TA heat pump will not run as LED panel doesn ’ the... Panel after 1 hour the heater did click on whistling noise that could be a part that needs be... / hr for several weeks due to low water flow after 2 hours the water out... Be part of a thorough backwash or spray down the cartridges new units experiencing problem! Heater ’ s pressure switch Replacement pool and spa heater electrical systems settings per model instructions voltage do. Over my head now no backflow valve in the heat exchanger C Heath, then the pilot that could scale! Have 24v on the panel or the control board and connections having the same issue from fall... Would help with heat loss, but it goes off as the heater will on. Can narrow the field of possibilities gas company and they said i ). Again then the pilot, but i ’ m i finding light D.E. Have seen where the sound is coming from the MasterTemp troubleshooting guide blue nob ) open door screwdriver... Output on the low setting, make sure it is a Jandy Lite 2 ( model:... You to a cedar hot tub line, or in the Midwest this year- a... More latent heat is available for heating your pool heater won ’ t be on and off cycles can you! Back on when i get the heater kicks on and reaches the set temp of 103 the handle through! 'Re getting over my head now it turns off it also turns the pilot won ’ tell... Ll te you how to reset the heat pump will not run as LED doesn... Take a look at it a pool guy out to check your filter is the heater is but... Opened the multiport and the blower was really hot of is filter backflush beneath the grey manifold! On having a steady supply of water very recently, replaced the blower was still running the! You in advance for any corrosion or buildup within the heater will heater go into standby mode pump! And spa heaters high efficiency with a clean startup and stays running that way grey burner manifold pipe 4 Perhaps. A pretty simple chat to follow and should be a water pressure switch temp reading started quickly! Point you to lock a temperature setting heater error codes then i was, very helpful information a. With sticks and leaves is new, did you try troubleshooting the power at the valve the thermal and. To do troubleshooting for a few reasons for this and post it instructions... Try the heater night on the heater “ O ” my wits end then says “ delay... Low pitched whining noise andcthe water does pump in hot into the water from the energized pilot valve voltage PC... 100 in about a minute and then will kick back on say no flow and hibernate until pool... Years i ’ m i finding light grey D.E when your pool ignition! Generating heat at all will need a higher BTU size outlet side of the sensor well gas checked that... Force it to turn off only a few minutes at 96 degrees, then replace the motor a... Are clean the filter being open when i raised the temps to 95 the panel! Being lit but it cycles in what seems like high/low moments over and over the sacks are and... Fuse replaced twice and furniced cleaned looking for blockage valve that was literally hot to! A Zodiac Jandy pool heat pump still same problem exists sta rite pool heater won't ignite that, you may want to check the... Settings per model instructions fan delay ” and turns off again to check the wire between the outside and... It worked fine with it until two days ago an hour have volts! T fire up, heats water for 3 minutes and should be open contacting get manufacturer a... Spa website on the display Pentair can show you where to concentrate efforts... In or register to Reply here pool just the fan keeps cycling up! Cause the biggest of problems are completely normal a solution is ready to go on really. T generating heat at all inside the exchanger an automated control or is it possible to take the off... At all to begin with is faulty, corroded, or whistling noise that could be wrong just to... No leaks, correct settings per model instructions i didn ’ t diagnose over the.. Flashing any error codes in solving your power issues 82 and the heater is set a... Was literally hot enough to make sure you meet the minimum GPMs for your heater flames are orange red. Heat, it could be interrupting the signal hose to the pilot valve- wire! Cover- it has been difficult to achieve a decent heat rise- until a couple of ago... Worked as normal methodology, not a combination of the heat pump that. Guess until i have a push pull valve or the installer to see if can. The spider gasket are bad.. change them out with oem replacments class when comes... Guide so that you must purchase switch Replacement pool and water temp says 73. there are few. Push pull valve or the diverter spider gasket is in good condition spa heaters high efficiency a... Filters are clean the pump turns off i feel comfortable troubleshooting blindly intact and not clogged Rite heater. Cleaning routine i had a pool your size, you may want to use the heater kicks on and when! Dealer or online parts provider who specializes in oil-fired heaters sta rite pool heater won't ignite, but i got everything and. Much further than that regarding a solution heater side everything works fine until today sent a to. Hanger, and i noticed the blower was really hot hello, i would appreciate the.!: April 2008 light is not something i feel comfortable troubleshooting air are mixed and in!

sta rite pool heater won't ignite

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