Year and Type of Motorcycle Date I have performed the above safety check. Checking certain things every time is necessary to your bike’s overall health. Mileage Job Order No. Test Kill button/switch and inspect overall wiring for chafe. If you keep up with the motorcycle maintenance schedule in your service manual (the number-one tool in your garage) and you did your due diligence when putting your bike away for winter, you’ll breeze through this list.But if you’re like most of us (myself included), you did a bit better than the bare minimum, got cold, and made yourself a grilled cheese. First check the both tires. Once a technician completes the service, the motorcycle is road tested. Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist There are many reasons to keep your motorcycle well-maintained. We extended the intervals for all services, reaching 30,000 km for Desmo Service, and every day we train our Ducati Service staff for … A motorcycle requires a lot of maintenance. HONDA motorcycles and motor scooters and ATVs Common Service Manual. Not all car shops work on motorcycles, so be sure to find a location that specializes in bikes and that has the knowledge to provide quality service. Also for: Motor scooter, Atv. Let’s See What Bothering Your Companion. This template covers the important factors for vehicle service inspection. If your problem still has not been resolved to your satisfaction, contact the Motorcycle Customer Service department of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Motorcycle Pre-delivery Checklist. Worse, there’s … Find the detailed labour billing format in the later section in detail. Find the right service center. In addition to replacing the engine oil and filter, nearly every single point on the Harley-Davidson 1,000-mile service checklist will be addressed again at 5,000 and 10,000 miles. BMW Motorrad Maintenance schedule R65-R100RT, R80R- R100GS PD Customer Licence No. Or shall we say, on the right wheel? For questions about the service schedule for your specific machine, consult your owner’s manual. Follow this checklist for checking and inspecting for motorcycle service and maintenance. For a rider, Motorcycling is love. More mileage, less service, to enjoy your Ducati to the fullest. Check for decay, side wall damage or punctures. Today we will discuss and outline the ultimate motorcycle PDI checklist also know as the Pre-Delivery Inspection checklist.So that you can eliminate most of the manufacturing defects on your new motorcycle and be relax. T-CLOCS ITEM WHAT TO CHECK WHAT TO LOOK FOR CHECK-OFF T-TIRES & WHEELS Tires Condition Tread depth, wear, weathering, evenly seated, bulges, embedded objects. A Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Bike Maintenance Checklist. D.; Most people who buy and ride bicycles want to keep them in good shape, but first they need to know where to begin. Other parts and systems are inspected, and adjusted or replaced as necessary. It will include the parts changed during service, water wash cost, engine oil cost, and the labor cost. This checklist includes a total of 48 inspection points. Ideally, get hold of a workshop manual for your machine for a better understanding of how each task should be carried out. Learn about H-D authorized service at H-D dealers, download the latest owner’s manuals & see the H-D maintenance schedules. Filled with recommendations and part numbers, your manual has a wealth of information that will help you keep your motorcycle in tip-top shape. Electrical: Check head light high/low beam, tail/brake light, turn signals, instrument and driving lights. Harley-Davidson 10,000-Mile Service Checklist. It will save you money on repairs in the long run, it will extend the longevity of your bike, and it will give you a better chance of staying safe. First on your checklist should be your number plate and registration sticker (if required) are still firmly fitted and clearly visible. View and Download Honda Motorcycle service manual online. Date Mechanic’s signature BMW Inspection at 1000 km/600 miles BMW Maintenance Service every 7500 km/5,000 miles BMW Inspection every 15000 km/ 10,000 miles BMW Annual Inspection Item 9. Do you have any other free vehicle inspection forms? Free Excel Motorcycle Maintenance Logbook Printable Motorcycle Maintenance Log A simple motorcycle maintenance register that is perfect for tracking all your motorcycle maintenance work. Front Rear Air Pressure Check when cold, adjust to load. Tread Depth, Bulges, Cracks, etc. Forks/shocks move freely, no leaks: GWRRA Motorcycle Inspection Sheet If not OK - Why? YOU DON'T have to have the mechanical know-how of a MotoGP technician to perform simple home-servicing tasks; some decent tools and a little common sense are all you need to keep your bike in tip-top shape.. A running theme in the Harley Davidson Service Checklist to keep your bike running smoothly is replacing the engine oil and filter. Ensure that all compulsory reflectors are not damaged and are fitted to the rear of the vehicle. To my knowledge, my Bike is ready for safe range operation. Basic Inspection Tasks All Bikes Should Be Aware Off Braaaaaapp T clocs inspection checklist provided by the msf motorcycle safety foundation rock city cycles how to do a motorcycle pre ride inspection motoress motorcycle inspection checklist pdf doc template pdffiller comprehensive motorcycle technical inspection for track day sportbikemovement ca gtamotorcycle com The Harley Davidson 1000 Mile Service Checklist sets the tone for bike performance and gets you going on the right foot. Harley-Davidson's recommended 5,000-mile maintenance service consists of changing fluids, replacing or adjusting some parts and lubricating others. Inspected Corrected . General Procedure. The Complete Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist What To Check Before Every Ride No matter when you ride — to work, cruising on the weekends, taking advantage of National Motorcycle Ride Day, or heading to an event like Biketoberfest — use this motorcycle checklist to make sure your bike is as ready to go as you are. Tread Depth, Bulges, Cracks, etc. Our resident expert mechanic Matt McLeod reveals what he looks for when buying a used motorcycle. I’m never expecting a secondhand bike to be flawless, but I’m looking for problems—and assessing 'how much' it will take me to correct these problems, either with time or money. The chain needs to be constantly checked for proper lash, and regularly cleaned and lubricated. Motorcycle experts also recommend checking the chain tension and lubrication every month and checking the control cables every two months, says Angie’s List. Front Rear Wheels Spokes Bent, broken, missing, tension, check at top of wheel: “ring” = OK — “thud” = loose spoke. Full motorcycle service checklist & cost Monday, 26 October 2020, 11:10 As the owner of a motorcycle, it is your legal duty to ensure it is roadworthy and does not pose a hazard to yourself, any passengers, other road users or the general public. Bob demonstrates the best way to do this using a MityVac and a gasoline can. I should also point out that the motorcycle manufacturer's recommended service schedule applies to bikes ridden under average conditions. I certify the above satements are true and correct. Brakes . We've setup a free inspection form for inspecting a motorcycle. If you ride your bike in harsh situations, then you'll need to step up the maintenance, and by the same token, if you'd just like to service your bike more often, then, by all means, do it. Check … 2-Wheeler General Service Checklist Test Run-Vehicle Diagnosis Our Certified Mechanic Will Be Doing A Test Drive On Your Bike. If any damage found take necessary action. In order to service the fuel filter on your Sportster, you’ll need to drain the fuel tank. Enter your email to get the checklist as a printable PDF! PRE-RIDE CHECKLIST. I take a checklist with me when I look at a used bike. Visit the post for more. The address is P.O. Have questions? Front Rear Wheels Spokes Bent, broken, missing, tension, check at top of wheel: “ring” = OK — “thud” = loose spoke Front Rear Cast Cracks, dents. We will discuss routine motorcycle maintenance, what to look for, and how to accomplish it. Give your bike the care it deserves. REMARKS: Service Members’ Signature Corrective Action Taken/Completed: Y-Yes / N- No Leader/Inspector Signs/Dates Form AFTER required Corrective Action Taken/Completed! Get Checklist Now. Looking for a different form? Maladjusted or excessively dirty chains will cause excess power loss and accelerated wear. General Motorcycle Maintenance Modern bikes require less maintenance than they did in the 60’s and 70’s but they still need a lot more maintence than a car. Motorcycle motorcycle pdf manual download. Email. Item. Test Drive Bike Check For Unwanted Sounds/Vibration Check Power Delivery Check The Throttle Response Check The Gear Shifting Condition Check The Idling Conditioning A Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Bike Maintenance Checklist. Front Rear Motorcycles are different from automobiles because you only have two wheels to take you down the road, and one loose bolt on a bike can mean the difference between an enjoyable Sunday afternoon ride or a breakdown -- or worse yet, a crash. Box 2220, Torrance, CA90509-2220. Motorcycle Service and Maintenance Schedule – Regular Service Checklist. T-CLOCS ITEM WHAT TO CHECK WHAT TO LOOK FOR CHECK-OFF T-TIRES & WHEELS Tires Condition Tread depth, wear, weathering, evenly seated, bulges, embedded objects. In a motorcycle, it consists of the chain and the sprocket. Whereas the service invoice will have the service cost. It’s pretty comprehensive checklist and obviously with a new bike it’s not necessary to do all the checks all the time. Front Rear Air Pressure Check when cold, adjust to load. Title: Motorcycle Inspection Checklist Author: thomas.h.anderson1 Last modified by: maurice.jones Created Date: 8/19/2008 4:27:00 PM Company: NMCI Other titles Coming to the price the sales invoice will have the detailed price of the motorcycle and the parts purchased. The checklist should include the customer name, mileage in and mileage out, year, model, VIN, incoming inspection by and outgoing inspection by, and other notes that summarize the overall condition of the vehicle before and after buying from the said dealer name. Motorcycle Rider Inspection Checklist download now; Simple Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template ... the median pay of an auto service mechanic or technician is around $20.24 an hour and $42,090 a year. By Dr. Edmund R. Burke, Ph. Check the number plate light is directing light on to the surface of the number plate and not the rear of the vehicle. REMARKS: Title: Microsoft Word - Motorcycle Rider Checklist.DOC Author: IMO … Learn more about quality motorcycle spark plugs, find your car part, or find where to buy your part today.

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