As a first effort at a GCSE in design it is only just ok, and hopefully ME will build on this suit and bring it in to line with the others. As mentioned previously, if you’ve already popped your boots on then it is a veritable catastrophe which, with all that breathlessness at altitude, could set you back 20 minutes. The total weight of each suit averages 2.7 kg. pull front adjusters and a volume adjuster I’m not sure whether that is because they haven’t put much thought in to it or whether they are adopting the less is more attitude. Expensive but well thought out in most respects (hobo mitts, access to the inside though the outer pocket) but not all aspects (non removable internal braces – what is the point?). Personally I wasn’t so keen on the elasticated cuffs as there isn’t the flexibility that you get with oversized cuffs and Velcro. There’s a pouch in the inside back of the suit for a hydration pack and a sleeve to hold the drinks tube in place. There’s also a radio mic attachment point which some may view as being useful. Importantly the ‘over’ items are cut to allow the inner suit to still function – if they were too tight you’d compress the down in the inner suit and lose the loft and warmth. A great hood but the chin flap is too big There are 2 internal pockets for water 4 way front zipper and thigh pocket. The internal suspenders are absolutely useless because there is not enough Velcro for them to be cinched high enough. Internal braces that work and are adjustable It’s easy to get very hot on Everest and if I had the option, I would have just worn a parka all the way up to the South Col and some lightweight windproof pants on my legs. If they sort the braces and it will be pegging 1st equal. They have gone for extra attention by having the elastic tied to a small loop on the body of the suit, but then the toggles aren’t fixed to the suit to allow one handed operation. Toilet access is by way of the up and under front zip which has a 4 way zipper which is the only redeeming feature really. As with the Rab suit this is very ventable and I could almost wear it in comfort in the office – not quite as good because the Rab venting goes all the way under the shoulder to the sleeve. Trying to get a ½l Nalgene in there whilst wearing mitts will be a definite distraction. There shouldn’t be any need to have to think through the fact that putting on a harness, for instance, means that something has to then be done differently (i.e. This is the Dyson™ (1st generation) of down suits. This allows It is the cheapest but it is also the one with the least thought. when not wearing a mask. Build to withstand the harshest conditions atop the world’s highest peaks. which works extremely well. Suits now come with internal braces as standard which improves the fit and means that the top can be stripped off and worn wrapped around the waist when you are too hot. All in all this is another great suit to join the main 4 and, at the price, is a great contender. If it is given a baffle and better internal pockets it will be almost unbeatable. Security is paramount, and yet decisions about gear weight are still relevant, not only about what you take, also about what you don't. The front of the hood is adjusted on each side with a single pull down to tighten and a single pull sideways on a separate attachment to loosen. being stretchy, will create more excess The clip fastener at the top of the front zip is a bit fiddly with mitts on and I can’t help but feel that a side press toggle instead of middle press clip would be so much better. Mountain Hardware absolute Zero down suit is built to withstand the harshest conditions atop the world’s highest peaks and The Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero down suit for is waterproof and down-insulated to keep you warm. You have to ask yourself how much would it cost for the fluffy bit of Velcro to be extended by about 10″. Mountain Equipment Redline Suit – 2140g (L) – No longer being made! With a bit of extra attention to the top of the front zipper / face guard area (which, whilst roomy enough to accommodate a mask, was far too voluminous without one) this will be a great suit. precision adjustment to keep out the But be aware that it is still available online from various retailers who still have stock. Not worth buying as there are much better suits at around the same price or cheaper. Dave Hahn discusses the different features of a very important piece of equipment needed for scaling Everest—the down suit. Toggles not attached to the body. I look like the Michelin Man in this but it is my favourite colour! Even though it has now been discontinued there are still some retailers who have stock … I’ll say again DO NOT BUY this suit. Using this information they have studiously mapped out which areas need the greatest amount of down and which areas can cope with less. 4 internal pockets One good thing about a down suit, is that you can keep lots of things down the front … It’s a small point but the addition of Velcro gives far greater versatility at little, if any, extra manufacturing cost. But because this inner suit is much lighter and cooler than a full blown suit I was able to wear it in a bigger range of conditions whilst keeping pleasantly cool. suit, available in a number of colours and sizes. Yes you can get plenty of things in there but water bottles will be prone to falling over and, if the lid hasn’t quite been done up properly, a leak could ensue. I can see this as both an advantage and a disadvantage. Millet One Sport Everest Boot. Berghaus Ulvetanna Hydrodown Suit – 2,150g – rrp £850. With slightly longer zip pulls on some of the zippers this will be even better and competing very favourably for the No1 spot (yes, I could easily change them myself but, at a whopping £1,000, why should I have to?) So here are a few things that you need to look for: The suit needs to be a good fit without compressing the down – any tight areas will cause cold spots which defeats the object of spending £££s on all those feathers. better if they were in the ‘hand venting options on the thighs So snacks, water, spare glasses, (non freezing) sun cream, camera etc all need to be stowed and accessible. So you can choose a rainbow drop seat or an up and under or a side opening according to your preference. Hard wearing material by the feel of it and quite evidently a well constructed suit. Expedition Jacket. fit and volume with just one pull on In this instance there is absolutely no reason not to have a longer strip of Velcro. On the hood there is no possibility to adjust for volume so you can’t alter from a helmet on / helmet off situation. Another great feature is access to the inside the suit from the outer pocket on the right side which allows for great versatility – so no need to be opening the front of the suit for a water bottle (and losing all that well earned warmth) when you can get it through the smaller pocket access. This suit is designed and made in Sheffield by Rab, and has been used extensively on our 7000m – 8000m and Polar expeditions for many years. All the suits feature crampon reinforcement patches but best to avoid sticking your crampons in there in the first place. but don’t be swayed by cost otherwise you will find yourself compromised on the mountain. It will undoubtedly mean that you are an inconvenience to the others in the tent and, psychologically, it will have you in a tizz and annoyed at yourself, which is not the right frame of mind for you to be in. One thing that I think makes this stand out head and shoulders above the rest is that they are pretty much made to measure. This wasn’t tested in a cold environment and so I can’t vouch for whether it works or not. Not a great suit, especially at the price. I’ve used 2 piece suits for most of my Everest summits. But on the rear of the hood they have gone for 2 separate pulls through the same spring loaded toggle. All the zippers have oversized zip pulls for ease of use with mitts on. Lightweight Harness • Buy the ascender for your strong hand, not your weak hand (if you are This was the best in the test … until the price went up. This relied on opening the thigh zipper and pulling the material across to then allow access. Add a harness and you have a situation where you are not going to be toileting very easily at all. Verdict Well there are some features that I guess are personal preference but there are others that are just bad design. The wired hood to keep out the worst of the elements was another well thought out feature and the hood adjustability was great with no loose toggles flying around. This is a very simple matter for them to rectify and, as mentioned earlier, single hand adjustability should be the default option. Well there are some features that I guess are personal preference but there are others that are just bad design. And remember, it’s only a rich man that buys a cheap suit! It features 6 outer pockets – 4 zippered pockets on the chest (2 ‘Napoleon’ style and 2 hand warmer style) and 2 pockets with Velcro opening on the thigh (but with restricted opening to avoid inadvertent dropability). Indeed all 3 items together not only weigh much less than any of the other suits or combos but they also take up much less space. They should allow for single handed adjustment. A slightly oversized wrist, with a Velcro tab means I can decide according to my suit / mitt combination. suit and they will make according to Inside the front, a storm baffle tucks nicely behind the zipper keeping breezes out and there’s an easy to use rainbow zipper / drop pouch for toilet access. As it is impossible to put on just for a 5- minute rest, a separate down jacket must also be carried. So not overheating is almost as important as keeping warm. Mount Everest has been host to other winter sports and adventuring besides mountaineering, including snowboarding, skiing, paragliding, and BASE jumping. that are easy to locate. S, M, L, XL, 2XL. It featured Velcro cuffs to allow the sleeve to go over mitts or for the wrist to be cinched and go inside them. The front zipper has a 4 way pull and, as with all their zippers, they are using a fine toothed reversed waterproof zipper. The hood adjustment does the hood and the volume all in one by way of an elasticated pull through a fixed toggle on the back of the hood – which worked surprisingly well. suit down. It is not without its drawbacks but it has superb ventilation and loads of external pockets which means that you can be self sufficient for snacks, water and spares whilst remaining comfortable on the go, even in changeable conditions. The baffle on You also need to remember to think about what you will be wearing under and over your suit when you try it on – and then think about how you are going to go to the toilet. better if they were in the ‘hand The final qualifying session of CWIF 2017 is a chance for everyone to get dressed up, and take on some crazy 'off-piste' boulders. With the use of a bit of technology and a thermal imaging camera the team were able to compare and contrast various suits and find out where on the body we would benefit having the most warmth. With the use of a bit of technology and a thermal imaging camera the team were able to compare and contrast various suits and find out where on the body we would benefit having the most warmth. Braces and internal harness detail. Rab Expedition Suit – 1,600g – rrp £950 (up from £675). I wore a Polartec fitted jacket over my thermal top with a down parka and a gore-tex shell on top. The 5 zipped side zipper goes from Features. Yes I advocate plenty of storage, but in reality the internal pockets are probably only going to be for some water so narrow, material pockets are better suited to keeping ½ litre Nalgenes vertical – so that if you haven’t quite screwed the top on properly you won’t have an inadvertent leak. With slightly longer zip pulls on some of the zippers this will be even better and competing very favourably for the No1 spot (yes, I could easily change them myself but, at a whopping £1,000, why should I have to?). There are 4 outer pockets but I’m afraid that, like the Mountain Equipment jacket (see below), the 2 pockets with simple Velcro fastening on the chest really cause me concern. For a big brand producer with a great reputation this seems to be quite a minimalist and ill conceived suit really. smoothly) but they reason that elastic, The total weight of each suit averages 2.7 kg. Berghaus Ulvetanna Hydrodown Suit – 2,150g – rrp £850 being stretchy, will create more excess Price will be negotiated by its weight . Thomas Senf/Red Bull Content Pool Valery Rozov jumps off the north face of Mount Everest… Thigh venting and the rainbow drop seat Of all the suits tested this is the only one that I could vent off enough to allow me to sit comfortably in my office! FOR OTHER SIZES and Fit CALL 740-587-1490. are backed up with stitching that Reflective trim is not absolutely necessary, but is a bonus if provided. There are 4 outer pockets – 2 Velcro and 2 zippered. The front zipper has a 4 way pull and, as with all their zippers, they are using a fine toothed reversed waterproof zipper. A great thumb loop and cuff along but This ensures consumers can have full confidence that all down and feathers used in Rab® products adhere to the highest possible animal welfare and safety standards. Once upon a time down suits didn’t exist and now they are considered an essential piece of clothing in the high altitude wardrobe. This product is currently out of stock and unavailable. I like the fact that when I am lower down the mountain I have a down jacket that I can wear when I am at, say Camp 2 on the South or ABC on the North. I know the summit of Kili does not compare with temps on Everest but summit night on Kili was quite cold. High volume internal pockets are a bit frustrating. As on the TNF suit this one features integrated hobo mitts which are fixed back from the wrist to allow for the sleeve to still go over down mitts. PHD Xero Down Suit – 1,700g – rrp £783 (up from £725) Verdict There are 4 internal pockets but it would be better if 2 of these were outside. You need a decent number of internal and external pockets – enough so that once you set off on summit day you probably won’t be reaching in to your rucksack (which is harder than it sounds when you are all togged up and attached to your oxygen supply). Similar to the Mountain Hardwear suit this also features a 6 zipper rainbow drop seat which is zipped all the way from the ankle so not only is it great for toilet access but also for venting off in warmer conditions.

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