Typically this is from mid-June through the mid to end of August. I love traveling throughout Europe during the late fall, winter and early spring. The only exception during low season is the Christmas and New Year holidays. If you’re travelling to Rome, save money by taking advantage of the city’s lunch specials. If you’re worried about safety, only stay with hosts that have been verified by Couchsurfing and have tons of positive reviews by other surfers. Found via GoEuro. Prices on Airbnb aren’t that expensive especially if you travelling with a friend. The low season isn’t a great time, of course, for sun-seekers and those averse to cold temperatures. What’s the Cheapest Way to Travel Europe? Grab your bikini and catch some rays at the beach. (Read our guide to visiting Paris during August.). So, if you are running out of money, this is the best time to visit Europe on budget. Coming from a country like South Africa, I don’t think I would be able to wrap my head around hitchhiking and not getting murdered lol. Leave financial woes behind and get to grips with every corner of the continent, from awe-inspiring Stonehenge to the jaw-dropping Sistine Chapel, blissful beaches on Croatia’s Brac and cool beers in Budapest’s ruin pubs. © 2021 by Over There Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Trust me, this has happened to me plenty of times while traveling on a budget in Europe. Read next: 16 of the Best Rand-Friendly Holidays Destinations in Europe. The only downside is that train travel is that it’s not the best option for transportation in Europe on a budget. Fewer crowds. Here are just SOME of the things you can do for mahala: When you’re dealing with the terrifying exchange rate that is Rand to Euro – you need to make every last penny count. I’ve couch surfed in South Africa, Turkey and kinda in Germany and the Netherlands. I don’t know what it is about subways, but I love them. Most travellers agree – Europe is a great place to visit, especially in summer. Hostel dormitory rooms cost between 18-40 EUR (20-45 EUR) per night, depending on the room’s size and the popularity of the hostel. Pros: Best weather. Plus, it will help you get to your next destination faster! ), About the author: Tom Meyers created and launched EuroCheapo from his Berlin apartment in 2001. Amsterdam to Rotterdam: 10th March, 2018. Learn how your comment data is processed. Some rain gear is a good idea, though many just decide to sit out the rain. And I didn’t have to sell everything I own or work crazy long shifts in shitty retail jobs to make it happen. Italy, Berlin and Amsterdam all had various options I used while in those countries. Got any other tips or experiences for saving money on travel in Europe? Currency counters at airports add a markup for their services that you don’t need in your life. Europe on a budget is easy to do and you can still have the experience of a life time. There are several notable exceptions to this low/high equation. With its renowned museums, history, art and architecture, Europe is a magical place to visit. Flights will be at their “high season” heights (with the possible exception of flying on Christmas Day itself), although hotel rates can be lower. Keep a look out for discounts if you’re under 26 and book your tickets well in advance to maximise your savings. Have you experienced the phenomena of internally sobbing while typing in each digit and watching your bank account run dry? It has everything from low-budget hostels to swanky five-star hotels. Crowds. • August in Paris is not “high season”: Right around the first of August, many French workers go on holiday for several weeks, and many families take the opportunity to clear out of their cities and hit the countryside and coast. Generally speaking, this period is in the early spring (late March and early April) and late fall (October and early November). Instead of getting the Roma Card, I walked everywhere, bought one 24 transport ticket and only went to the free attractions. From June to August, prices skyrocket. It’s an easy way to see what deals are flying around and which European destination will be the most affordable entry point. Your email address will not be published. Breakfasts at hostels are usually continental. However, reaching historic lows may be a good choice and time for you to visit. Staying in downtown London or dining on the Champs Elysees in Paris can leave your credit card with a major hangover. Select your driver based on their level of chattiness (introverts who hate small talk unite! Chances are, once you’ve arrived in Europe, you can travel to your intended destination much cheaper via train or budget air travel. (Photo credits: Venice in summer by davidbolton, Paris in May by Faungg, London blizzard by neiljs, and Oktoberfest by nataliemarchant. Hotel rates tend to be markedly lower in August, as well, but climb again in September. Get ready to make those snow angels, learn the lyrics to “Do You Want To Build a Snowman” and develop an appreciation for thermal underwear. Okay, so besides your flights, accommodation is going to be your biggest cost. Love trains, but buses are probably cheaper. Accommodation pricing varies, and with my help, you can find the perfect place to stay, for the right price. Call up your bank before you leave South Africa, and unblock your card for international usage. E.g. It’s usually pretty great. Greece. Since 2001, our mission has been to make your time in Europe affordable and memorable. Let us know in the comments below. Very informative post! All you need to do is enter your departing destination as “South Africa” and your arrival destination as “Everywhere”. Apart from this, fall is a great season for finding some great discounts on travel in Europe. Cost €7. Tip: When planning your trip, if hotel rates look uncommonly high, do a search for “Special events in [city]” to double check that you’re not trying to visit during a peak (and expensive) travel period. Make sure to consider these one week vacation ideas Europe when you plan your trip. However, most travelers looking to connect with local cultures, spend days wandering in museums, and attend concerts and other prime cultural programming, will love low season travel. Fewest crowds. Want to head to the top of the Eiffel Tower? Many of them hit the road on class trips. Skiing the Alps? Hitting the slopes without breaking the bank can be a challenge – not least as the … Free entry to specific museums or attractions in that city. These periods tend to make up the “high season,” and include travel in late spring, summer, early fall, and major holidays (especially Christmas and Easter). E.g. Vilnius, Lithuania. The booking engines will quickly reveal four-star hotels in … It’s a way to stay in a city without paying a single Euro for your board. Try to get a card that doesn’t include fees for foreign purchases or has the lowest surcharge. Best Time to Visit Europe on a Budget? Look for Hotels With Value, Not Frills. Yet, one of the best ways to save money on a European flight is to be flexible with your destination and to research flights in nearby cities. The Capital of Lithuania is often overlooked by your average tourist. For example, that same exact flight will end up costing you around R 1,400 in July. For all the people who hate crowd, Autumn is the best time to go for sightseeing without losing your mind in the noise. In my teens, I dreamt of travelling to France and living out my own Passport to Paris fantasy. Email Tom. Factor in that a lot of the attractions around the city centres aren’t that far apart, and your Samsung Health App step count won’t know what hit it. Greg and I paid EUR 100 (R1,500) for our train trip from Berlin to Amsterdam (full guide dedicated to train travel in Europe is coming soon!). Hop on board one of the hundreds of trains that zigzag across the region! If you’re going to Europe on a budget, street food will make its way into your diet. If possible to visit Europe on a low budget you should try and avoid peak dates. But before you flip open your purse and pop out your credit card, do your research to see if it’s actually WORTH the money. Europe is simply magnificent, especially if you’re backpacking through it. Keep reading: This is chapter one in our Ultimate Budget Travel Guide to Europe. Head to the same mountain towns in May and June for lovely hikes… and lower prices. Lower prices. And anyhow, let’s face it: The weather is probably going to be glorious. Most credit and debit cards have a strong exchange rate. Be prepared to wait… in a long line. Bled, Slovenia. I wanted to go on a subway, peer through the gates of Buckingham Palace, and see my favourite bands play live at Download Festival. The land home to ancient history, pizza, beautiful beaches and first world public transportation. Some attractions may be closed. Budget apartment: $20 / day. But when you’re travelling Europe on a budget, it might work out cheaper to skip the card and do your own thing. More about that here.). At the end of the day, you might not even be hungry for a formal dinner. Sorry, an error occurred and your subscription request could not be processed. Because Europe is such a densely packed continent there’s always something to explore, especially when you are hitchhiking. For EUR 10 (R 157.00), you can get a starter, a main and your choice of beer or house wine. He returned to New York in 2002, set up office, and has led the EuroCheapo team from the Big Apple ever since. • Outdoor sports have their own seasonality. Meal at an inexpensive restaurant: $7. For most South Africans, that just sounds like a bad idea. I need to add a quick defense of traveling during high season, however. What’s the best time to go to Europe? If you’re only in one city for 24, 48 or 72 hours, these cards pack A LOT of value. This post is a comprehensive guide of which cities to visit in Europe, things to do in each city, how to travel across Europe using a smart combination of bus, train and low budget … I would strongly recommend traveling through Europe on foot. London and Budget are not the words made for each other. have you ever heard of them or stayed with before? Stray from the well-trodden path and find restaurants that are full of locals instead of other tourists. Visit museums and galleries with no entrance fee. Domestic Flight: $100+ … Other events to avoid include Paris’ fashion weeks (early March late September/early October), and Venice’s Biennale and Carnevale (early/mid February). 13 Budget Hacks For People Who Really Want To Visit Europe; 6 Most Underrated European Countries To Visit; Consider a Hostel. But if you want to reap those savings, you need to book your flights in advance – especially if you’re travelling Europe during high season. Since then, I make a point to travel with two unlocked cards and keep one in my suitcase and the other in my purse. Need a good backpack for your trip? Tourist Passes are travel cards specifically designed for, well, tourists. Thoughts? Fast forward almost a decade later, and I’ve been to Europe not once, not twice but three times. • August in other European cities: Paris isn’t alone. Residents clear out of Paris, for example, and many (but certainly not all) restaurants and shops close for much of the month. If you can’t get a card that doesn’t charge, try to find one that has minimal fees or limit the number of times you withdraw cash. Pros: Cheapest. Eurolines is another affordable long-distance bus I used to get back to Berlin from Amsterdam. Three days before my flight back to South Africa, an ATM ate my card, and I only had THB 2,000 to my name. • Late October – Early November: Most students throughout the European Union have an academic break the last week of October and first week of November. Booking.com is by FAR my favourite accommodation site. Save Time Finding the Cheapest Transport Option, How to Find Budget Accommodation in Europe, Become The Ultimate Backpacker with Couchsurfing, Managing Your Money For a Budget Trip to Europe, Travelling Europe on a Budget is Possible, STOP DRINKING THE BULLSHIT IN YOUR WINE GLASS If, SWIPE to see what it's like to stay at Babana, 16 of the Best Rand-Friendly Holidays Destinations in Europe, How To Travel Rome on a Budget (& Still See the Top Sights! Curious about how to visit Europe on a budget? It quickly became the butter to my bread pre-trip and during my adventures around Europe. Take a high-speed train between Amsterdam and Belgium, travel around Italy or use it as a way to see more of the countryside. It means experiencing travel in a different way while staying on a budget. It’s a far different experience from visiting during the high summer months. If you use the site often enough, you’ll eventually unlock their Genius tier and get discounts as well as special perks. Paying R 300 for a RETURN flight between Italy and Germany. In covering the basics of seasonality in Europe, I’m painting with some broad strokes. Many people haven’t even heard of Slovenia, but that’s exactly what makes it one of … There are many beautiful places of worship for you to visit -- St. Sophia's from the 11th … If you want to avoid the crowds during the summer months and find the best deals on lodging, you need to avoid the European holiday season. The high season definitely impacted the cost of our ticket. A while back I headed to Amsterdam in late October (normally the low season), only to book my trip during the city’s annual marathon–which sells out every room in town. You can filter the search results to see places that offer free breakfast or are a close distance to a particular landmark and more. But it is not about money or budget things London is one of the famous countries in Europe. This is a guest post by Paul Marshman, The Travelling Boomer, on how to visit Europe without breaking the bank. The truth is there are many “best times to travel to Europe,” and finding yours really depends on where in Europe you are going and what you are looking to do while you visit Europe.. I’ll break all that and more down in this detailed post on the best time to visit Europe. In fact, when I checked back a week later, the price had almost doubled. It had everything I needed and quickly felt like home. All those little fees start to add up each time you go to the ATM. Subscribe and get our free guide to "101 Ways to Save in Europe", Your subscription request has been received. Kiev is actually the cheapest city to visit in 2018! So you can finally see snow! I spent EUR 20-25 ( R 315.00 – R 394.00) on groceries that lasted me the entire 3-weeks I stayed in Sicily. So if you’re not a fan of hostels and want to blend in with the locals, browse through the listings to see what’s available for your travel dates. So if you're looking to do Europe without European prices, it's a great place to start. One of my most popular posts to recent date is my 1 month itinerary to backpacking Europe on a budget for under £250/$300/€275.. Pros: Pretty good weather. (All is not lost: We do have some tips for saving at Oktoberfest!). So at least you can work on that tan while you’re waiting in line…. And budget travelers will love the lower costs of airfare, hotel rooms, train tickets, car rentals and many other related travel expenses. But if you can’t avoid travelling to Europe in the summer, then it all comes down to picking the right destination. Check to see which day the museums are free. You just need to know what the best ways are to enjoy Europe while sticking to your budget. With so many people heading to Europe for summer, hotels and hostels double their prices. Here are a few simple money tips to use while travelling Europe on a budget: You’ll get a better rate of exchange. Things to do in … ), their music preferences, smoking or non-smoking and even if pets are in the car. Enjoy your trip and remember, it’s totally acceptable to eat your weight in gelato while you’re there. And it has more attractions than another European city. Since then, I’ve picked up a few other tricks on the way that have helped me find return flights to Portugal and Italy for under R 5000.00. Wander past a city’s free monuments. From the delicious arancini balls in Italy to Poland’s famous Maczanka sandwich – there are cheap eats for your taste buds to discover in every country. Museums are often packed. Temperatures and prices are slightly higher for these months, but it’s still way more affordable than Europe’s popular high season. Spain: Underrated cities that your budget adores. I stayed in an Airbnb apartment during my 3-week trip to Sicily. Now is the best time to travel to Europe on a budget. With most main meals costing EUR 8 and a glass of wine usually around EUR 6-7 (R 94.00 – R110.00), it’s an excellent deal. This is when schools are out and more Europeans are traveling. These are Europe’s two shoulder seasons. The prices are usually lower, and you’ll have a more authentic experience. All you need to do is sign up, create an account and start reaching out to hosts available during your travelling dates. The search engine will then find the cheapest flights departing from South Africa. Speaking of the high season, that’s the one you want to avoid if you’re travelling Europe on a budget. Privacy Policy, Finland: The best budget hotels in Helsinki for 2020, Europe Itinerary: Creating the best trip for your budget. I still had to buy food, pay for accommodation and transportation to the airport. Bansko, Bulgaria. Budget travel doesn’t mean doing without things. © 2021 by Over There Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. academic break the last week of October and first week of November, 8 Tips for finding cheap flights to Europe. The result, unfortunately, is that most Western travelers heading to Europe have very similar vacation schedules. Cons: Most expensive flights and hotels. Here is all the information I could gather on how to travel Europe on a budget: Saving money on flights to and from Europe: The season in which you go matters. Some cities even have “hostels” where hosts have a room with multiple bed bunks. All you need to do is pop in your departure and arrival destination, and the search engine will find the cheapest flights, train and bus fares. Sometimes you might not be anywhere near a hotel or inn when it’s getting dark. And that’s music to any cash-strapped South African’s ears travelling Europe on a budget. The best time to visit Europe for… To avoid crowds: Summer and winter are the busiest months of the year for Europe so you'll find travelling in spring or autumn less crowded. “High season” for winter sports is February (especially mid-to-late February, when the French have their winter breaks). Restaurants are filled with locals, museums are relatively quiet (save a group of local students on a tour), and sidewalks are bustling with neighbors. The Schottenhammel tent at Oktoberfest, Munich. Go to a free concert. You just need a dash of flexibility, a sprinkle of planning and a cup of frugality to get the most out of your Rands. I found one in Paris within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower, and it didn’t cost my entire salary. Want more Europe travel inspiration? Save it for later on Pinterest! It’s the cheapest way to feed yourself in Europe. The world is out there, and it’s less expensive than you think. We have more advice on the best time to visit specific cities and countries: Best time to visit Amsterdam, Berlin, Lisbon, New York and Paris. I hope you’ve found it useful and you feel budget travel in Europe is possible for you! These can wreak havoc on a budget travelers itinerary. If you’re staying at a more posh hostel or a hotel, your breakfast will probably include a continental with a few other things like eggs, baked beans and some meat. This would include bank/public holidays, Christmas and also around Summer (roughly mid-June to early Sept). I also talked to a few good friends who have been recently. Some like the Netherlands will evaporate all your hard-earned savings in the blink of an eye. How to Find Cheap Flights From South Africa to Europe. But the ultimate way to keep your transportation costs low while travelling Europe on a budget is to walk EVERYWHERE. It’s a magical time, when major tourist destinations, from Amsterdam to Zurich, belong to their residents. He travels to Europe several times a year to update EuroCheapo's hotel reviews. If you buy a tourist travel card, like the Berlin Welcome Card, you’ll get unlimited public transportation included in the price. Great tip to take buses! And skiers will find that the winter is anything but “low season” in the Alps. Most convenient. As mentioned above, for many, there simply isn’t any other option. But it’s a thing in Europe and people actually get to their destination in one piece. Hey! Please try again later. Accommodation – If you’re looking to find a budget-friendly place to stay in Europe, you’re in luck! One of my followers on Instagram offered to host me in Amsterdam. This is when I usually travel, partly out of necessity, as I need to inspect hotel rooms (which is difficult to do when they’re all occupied). With so many budget flights, trains and bus companies – finding the cheapest way to get somewhere in Europe is a pain. Problem is, it can be an expensive place to travel. The cheapest time to visit Europe are November, December (besides the holidays), and January-April. It is, however, … Many travelers don’t have the luxury of choosing their travel dates, as their trips are dictated by academic vacations, holidays or work schedules. The Trevi Fountain in. Many travelers simply have to work with the vacation schedules they’ve been given. You don’t need to spend a hella lot of money. Traveling through much of Europe during the shoulder season tends to be a delight, with far fewer crowds (the kids are in school, after all), and lower prices for airfare and hotel rooms. Bus travel in Europe is not for everyone – but it’s cheap. • Christmas break: Traveling during the Christmas and New Year holiday can be a mixed bag. I used them for my trip between Berlin and Krakow. The best time to visit Europe for… To avoid crowds: Summer and winter are the busiest months of the year for Europe so you’ll find travelling in spring or fall less crowded. When is The Best Time to Travel to Europe on a Budget? Required fields are marked *. But hey — think of all those fabulous free museums in London you’ll have to yourself! It’s obvious, but worth considering: Heading over in late June or July makes a lot of sense for many Americans, especially those traveling with children or during their own academic break. I’m talking R 2000+ for a one hour flight that’s typically R200-R300. It’s the perfect trifecta if you want to stretch your money as much as possible while travelling Europe on a budget. You can travel from Munich to Nuremberg for as little as EUR 6 (R 94.00) with Flixibus, making it the best way to see Europe on a budget if you’re not on a time crunch. With so many budget airlines, flying is the best way to travel Europe on a budget. [Find Tom on Google Plus], Your email address will not be published. I knew Europe wasn’t a cheap place and had the mindset that I’d never have enough money to go. Traveling to Venice, Florence and Rome during August will be cheaper than during May, June or September. If you want to explore multiple European countries by train, the Eurorail Pass can work in your favour. Not all European countries are created equal. For years, it remained a dream I never acted upon. And yes, the majority of my meals were some kind of pasta. This could affect hotel availability, plus museums and other attractions will be more crowded. However, 30 euros a day was just fine for our 16 day itinerary for Europe on budget. Use this guide to find your first remote job and much more! If you’re struggling to find hotels within in your budget, consider staying outside of the city or in a smaller town and commuting in. It’s you and the locals. ), Amsterdam Coffeeshops: How to Get Stoned Like a Pro, The Muggle’s Guide To The Harry Potter Studio Tour In London, How To Visit The Vatican (A Massive Travel Guide), It cost me EUR 7 (R 110.00) for a 24-hour pass in.

best time to visit europe on a budget

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