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Why did you begin studying music?

I began studying music because I felt it would help me develop as an artist. Knowledge is supposedly the most powerful thing so by studying music it helped me to build upon that knowledge and make my music more powerful, I hope.

What are you doing with music now?

Currently I am in the process of writing and starting to record my first few songs at the moment. Also I’m currently taking part in a few competitions and gigs around London.

Vocalist Grace Murray

Located in London, UK

  • Vocals
  • Singing since she could speak

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Who are some of your influences?

My main influences are Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and Amy Winehouse. These three powerful women have all touched my heart and inspired me. They all have so much in common but yet are also so unique. All powerful strong minded successful women, which is something I aspire to be like. They manage to convey how they feel within a few minutes and leave you feeling exactly how they felt. Words cant describe how powerful that really is. As much as I love these women I cannot be forgetting the males. Ray Charles, even his name sounds influential. His sheer energy and enthusiasm really has molded him as a performer. Last but by no means least, Bob Marley. Now he may not be a jazz singer but personally I think Jazz and Reggae go hand in hand together. I feel his music has shown me this.

Who have you studied with?

I have studied Music at Chace community school, with my very talented and truly charming music teacher Ms Davies. She really does lead by example and has always shown a strong belief in me. The quote she has always lived by is ‘If you can walk you can dance and if you can talk you can sing’. I will forever take that with me.

What would you like to do with music in the future?

In the future I plan to develop with the Jazz band I’m currently starting in and move forward in our music making. I also plan on working as hard as I possibly can to make my dream come true in being a jazz singer. I hope to one day release an album where once an audience has heard a song I have written they understand how I felt and can connect with me, exactly how my Connect touch me.


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