The Self-Promoting Musician by Peter Spellman Review

Author: Peter Spellman
Genre: Music Business
Page Count: 284 Pages


The Self-Promoting Musician is a Berklee Music Guide now in its third edition (2013). In the book, Peter Spellman offers readers advice on how to approach one’s music career with a do-it-yourself attitude. Geared towards self-managed musicians, the book includes sections on social media strategy, getting the most out of your gigs, pursue radio airplay, and keeping your career organized.


The sections that I found interesting in this book were:
  • Spellman’s discussion of the segmentation of the music market and how the music industry is shifting away from big successes to modest successes in more segmented genres.
  • How finding one’s niche just doesn’t mean “jazz saxophonist” it means that the specific style of jazz you play needs to be tacked onto your identity.
  • The importance of improving skills beyond those that you have on your instrument (overcoming shyness, telephone skills, etc.).
Overall I found The Self-Promoting Musician to be an informative resource and I would recommend it. Like most music business books available on the market, there is a lot of information included that can be somewhat repetitive. But things like the detailed business plan included in this book can be extremely helpful.

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Published on: March 23, 2015

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