• Saxophonist & Flutist Shannon Watson | Teen Jazz Artist

    When did you first begin seriously studying your instrument?

    Back in 5th grade when everyone was signing up for either orchestra, band or general music, I knew I just wanted to do something because general music was just awful! So deciding to do flute was because my mother’s favorite movie had this solo piece she just loved, and she always wanted me to play it for her.

    Setup & Music Gear

    I use a Jupiter 507 Flute and a Yamaha Bari Saxophone from my school with Vandoren size 3 reeds usually.

    Saxophonist & Flutist Shannon Watson

    Located in Gilbert, Arizona

    • Bari Saxophonist & Flute Player
    • Years Playing: 6 years



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    What are you doing with music right now?

    Currently working with my schools concert, marching, and jazz band on both flute and saxophone while taking weekly lessons. I would love to expand on my jazz work outside of school however.

    Who are some of your influences?

    James Moody is someone I get a lot of ideas from, being he plays both saxophone and flute. He got the idea in my head that I can solo on flute. Ben Wendel’s music (Kneebody) also gave me alot of inspiration on ideas when first starting out, and I think my soloing reflects both of those ideas.

    Who do you/have you studied with?

    I do my flute studies with my private instructor Stephanie Hoeckley, and for saxophone I have worked with Bradyn Owens and Dan Puccio.

    What are some of your goals musically for the future?

    I plan on studying music in college and seeing what happens from there.



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  • Flute Player Althea Rene | Teen Jazz Influence Interview

    Name: Althea Rene
    Location: San Antonio
    School/Major/Degree: Howard University, Flute Major

    The Interview

    When did you first begin seriously studying your instrument?

    At the age of 12.

    Who are your greatest influences? Who did you study with?

    My influences are Ian Anderson, James Moody, and Hubert Laws. I studied with Clement Baron, the principle Flautist with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

    Who or what gave you the confidence to pursue music as a career?

    I came from a musical family and my mom constantly encouraged me to pursue my dreams of a career in music.

    What are your thoughts on what it takes to be successful as a performer? Do you think any other skills are needed aside from the ability to play your instrument well?

    You have to be able to play, perform, as well as pull from all of your abilities. You need to learn solid business practices, how to make good connections and build good relationships, especially with promoters.

    What are some of the things you did before your career as a performer became as successful as it is today?

    I was a Deputy Sheriff in Detroit.

    What are some of your goals musically for the future?

    My musical goals for the future are to do a World Tour and continue to record.

    What inspires you to continue to pursue music? Have you ever come close to giving up and if you did, how did you overcome it?

    My inspiration to continue is because I feel so good when I perform and it allows me a spiritual release. I never allow myself to think about giving up.

    What are some of the things you enjoy most about your career as a performer/recording artist?

    I love the preparation that goes into performing and recording, learning new material, planning outfits, meeting other artists, and the experience of playing with different musicians.

    What was your lamest gig and how did you learn from it? What was the best?

    The worst shows always involve poor sound or a sub-standard backup band. You have to learn to just get through it, and then forget about it. Make sure that you always perform your best, no matter what’s going on around you. I’m still waiting for the Best… LOL

    Hobbies other than Music:

    Working out, living a Healthy Lifestyle, Fashion, and Beauty/

    What would your advice be for an up and coming, young musician?

    Study hard and listen to a variety of music. Identify what area of music you would like to pursue.

    What inspires you to continue to pursue music?

    It’s my destiny, a gift for my Dad (RIP), who would never want me to give up.

    Where can we find more information?


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