Saxophonist Nick Vatis | Teen Jazz Artist

When did you first begin seriously studying your instrument?

I began studying concert band music in the 6th grade. In the 7th grade, I joined the school’s jazz ensemble. Ever since I started playing music, I became attached to it. Many of my peers say that I possess a drive for music unlike anyone in the band.

Setup & Music Gear

Jody Jazz DV 6 Mouthpiece, Vandoren 2.5 Java Red Reeds, Jody Jazz Power Ring, Yamaha YTS 62 Tenor Saxophone.

Saxophonist Nick Vatis

Located in Phoenix, AZ

  • Saxophone
  • Years Playing: 3 years


Teen Jazz Artist Badge

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What are you doing with music right now?

Currently, I am in the 8th grade at Altadena Middle School. I am involved in my middle school’s concert band and jazz ensemble. To strengthen my musical abilities, I am learning how to write and transcribe music.

Who are some of your influences?

John Coltrane, Benny Golson, Art Blakey, Charlie Parker, Wynton Marsalis, Joshua Redman, Duke Ellington, Sonny Rollins, Ella Fitzgerald, and Alexa Tarantino.

Who do you/have you studied with?

I have studied with my middle school band director, Casey Ehrler. I also study jazz with my private teacher, Dr. Dan Puccio. Both of my mentors have helped me grow as a musician, and will continue to help me improve my musical skills.

What are some of your goals musically for the future?

My ultimate goal for the future is to attend the Juilliard school in New York City and be apart of the Juilliard Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis. One day, I hope to bring this great art form back into the homes of millions of Americans.

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