Guitarist Manuel Robles | Teen Jazz Artist

Setup/Gear/Manufacturer of Instruments:

i have an electric guitar brand sx model stratocaster sunburn with an amp of the same sx, and an acoustic classic guitar from brasil which brand its giannini and its very special for me because that guitar have some history… also i have a loop station pedal to play comping an improving over it, that helps me a lot so i practice with it

What are you doing with music now?

well right now im planing to keep practicing an studying guitar with a teacher and also begin playing keyboard or sax formally

Guitarist Manuel Robles

Located in Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela

  • Guitar
  • 2 years of playing
  • Doubles: keys and voice

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Why did you begin studying music?

i did begin to study music at 14 years old when i heard some good guitarist in the internet and in some videos like joe perry, john pizzarelli, and no just jazz but rock too like stevie vai, john petrucci and jimi hendrix, so i was like 5 months before my birthday asking my dad to buy me a guitar but he never gave me an specific answer like “yes or no” but when my birthday arrived he surprised me with an acoustic guitar so i was very exited, like 5 months later one day my guitar was broken apparently because the bridge wasnt good to support the strings pressure, and i didnt even started to study music formaly yet… i was very upset but one day my aunt gave to me an acoustic guitar that was from my cousin and before that was from his grandpa, (its the guitar that i have today), so time after that i started to study music at the tecnologico de musica valencia “T.M.V”, and almost 2 years after i graduated from there ( exacly like one and a half year ), and now i want to perfect my guitar skills to be one of the best guitarist one day and even to learn to play more instruments if not all of them jaja… because i want to dedicate my life to the music, and a life dedicated to music its a life beautifully lived.

Who are some of your influences?

i have to say i have a lot of influences but some of them are: the beatles, jamie cullum, john mayer, joe pass, john pizzarelli, ricardo arjona, louis armstrong, paco de lucia, wes montgomery, miles davis, herbie hancock, chick corea, bb king and eric clapton

Who have you studied with?

i studied with some of the best teachers in the tmv including luis viera, marcos, and belkis and even with a teacher from another school which i got some summer classes with some friends named douglas… thanks to all of them

What would you like to do with music in the future?

i want to go to another country to begin my university music career in usa or even in england

Anything you would like to add?

i just want to add… good day (or night) for everyone… music change lives so i hope it can get your lives better and better like mine 🙂


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