Contributor Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing an article to Teen Jazz. Our articles provide up and coming musicians with the insight, tools, and advice they need to build successful careers in the music industry. To submit content, please use the contact form at the end of this page. Please review the submission criteria prior to sending in any materials.

Submission Criteria

We would love to feature content from the members of our community. We ask that guest contributors submit articles that fall within certain criteria so that they align with the goals of Teen Jazz as an educative resource.

  • Posts can be reviews of any of the following: music equipment, music software, music books (sheet music or books about the industry), concerts, albums, or events. Example: Review of Lin Rountree’s Performance at Spaghettini’s 2012
  • Posts can provide advice on certain aspects of the music industry including marketing, business, recording, time management, practicing, performing, etc. If you opt to write an advice piece, the information included should be realistic and can be implemented into the readers’ music business practices. If possible, include real life examples of how you yourself have applied the advice that you have given. Example: 33 Content Marketing Ideas for Musicians
  • Writing should be targeted to up and coming musicians rather than established musicians. Example: 15 Tips for Overcoming Your Music Plateau
  • We encourage the use of videos, photos, screenshots and other visual content within your posts. We also love posts with resources that can be used by our readers such as guides or checklists that can be attached as downloads. Example: Interview with Saxophonist Steve Cole

In addition, we do not accept submissions that fall into the following categories:

  • Posts that are not organized or that are not clear.
  • Posts that do not offer readers a clear takeaway or task.
  • Posts that are clearly used for self-promotion and do not provide valuable content to the readers.
  • Articles that have already been published on other sites, in print, or used as school papers.
  • Posts that contain derogatory content or are overtly negative. We do not expect every review to be positive, but we will not accept articles that clearly “bash” music products or performers.
  • Articles that you have not written yourself or included the copyright content of any third party.
  • There is no strict word count, but we request that articles are of a minimum of 500 words.

Please be aware that Teen Jazz has the right to refuse guest post articles and reserves the write change the contributor guidelines at anytime. If you fail to meet these guidelines, please note that I cannot guarantee any response if you contact Teen Jazz.

Where Your Articles Go Once Submitted

You can submit articles to Shannon Kennedy. Once your post is reviewed to ensure it meets our criteria, we will reach out to you. This process usually takes a few days, so don’t worry if you don’t hear back right away.

If your post meets our requirements and we feel that it is a good fit for our site, we will contact you to confirm your interest in becoming a guest contributor. Once the post has been approved, we will schedule it to be published within a two week window. If you have specific publish date requests, please let us know in advance so that we may try to accommodate them. We will email you a link to the article once it has been published on Teen Jazz.


We promote our posts on social networks including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. We also encourage you to promote your posts through your own networks, too.

You Keep All the Rights to Your Article

If you decide that you would like to publish your post elsewhere, we request that you wait at least two weeks from its original publish date on Teen Jazz before going to another site. Teen Jazz must be cited as the original source along with a link to the article on Teen Jazz.

Please Send This Information Along with Your Submission

  • Your bio. We request that you include a short bio along with your submission. You may also include links to your website, your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or YouTube profiles. If you have content on your sites that is deemed inappropriate for minors, we will not link to them.
  • A headshot.
  • An image to fit the theme of the post. We request that authors include at least one image along with their post (minimum dimensions 720H X 720W). You may use royalty-free stock photography or images that you own the copyright. If the image requires credit given to the creator, please let us know so that we can include the necessary information.

If you would like to send in a post or idea, or if you have any questions regarding the submission process, please contact Shannon Kennedy using the form below.

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