The project manager is responsible for drawing up the PID in active and ongoing consultation with the project sponsor. A Project Initiation Document guides the team from the beginning by giving a detailed outline of the context, background, and scope of the project. The project charter outlines the purpose and requirements of the project. We all know about project approvals - they are those signatures required to achieve authorization of phases, milestones, resource allocation, or virtually any aspect of the project that requires acceptance or authorization by another party. This section may form part of the PID header/document information page, or an appendix. Project Initiation Document Template Version 1.6 last updated 22 October 2014 Project Documentation PROJECT INITIATION DOCUMENT (PID) Southern Gateway Implementation Release: 6th Draft Date: 29 August 2017 Author: Paul Over Jane Hotchkiss Amy Loaring Approved by: Cabinet Note: the completion of this document is required for medium and large projects as defined by the Project Type Matrix. These need to be perfectly clear and well defined, Constraints (cost, time and scope) - as above these are vital to be fully understood at the very outset. When we approach the end of the initiation stage, we will package everything, and this package is what we call Project Initiation Documentation. Business Justification - basically the objectives from the business case. READ MORE on \�\�������M $�5SW���s-�e�)M���J��! What is project initiation? Define Scope. It is equally important … The Project Initiation Documentation (PID) is one of the most significant artifacts in project management, which provides the foundation for the business project. You wonder if this is something that one person can actually lead. Document Number: ICT008-pid-01 . It's contents are as follows: Business Justification - basically the objectives from the business case. It’s often missed, and employees might thus assume that’s a reasonable and acceptable practice. PROJECT INITIATION DOCUMENT 7 APPENDIX RECORD OF AMENDMENTS TO THE PID Keep a record of the changes made to each version of the PID. 1 0 obj <> endobj 4 0 obj <>stream Project Initiation Document DGPS real-time monitoring implementation Michelle De Voy Page 6 of 17 07/02/11 4.2. What is a programme? �B4�����z]V�X��6�(����1���d�ͪh��FH/����[8��� Ix2���J��hI��`��h髷�lp6��[�[��lӶ7 ) ��@\c��=��ʗe��[�pR�b]fES��}�Z%��6��)�pVdO�4�f�)�&K;�m?�Y}+�L+fŲJ��`�bq��c��0d��RgJLWI�ܥ�2a�L8Z���x�\���L��ׁۧ��0�bz�kY*�%�x�����h�u�Q\���38�����߸n0���F� ~M@�Y�� ~�J��$˓��/EU&1/��YY���i���]��9���#h�q~l����,����Z���U ����@���Kr���I�UV����ִH�9x�*�d�J�;�I:�p�@I��%�J�g)�U��M�V��~Z�y��i Under the Manage Communications process, many of the actual project communications with stakeholders become part of the project documents. set strategies and create the high-level plan (Project Plan), which in turn, makes it possible for us to replace the Outline Business Case with a real Business Case. x�][o��~ׯ�Gph��K�X I�4�n� ����-Q6�Ԓ���~�9�5��Q��)��q>�s�;י����ۉ-�&W�>9⮞����b�_#߱�ض�Of��r�@��f����_�5)���էuR��~W�$ŝ��ŋw�.�կ���K���x��דWד���p��r��Ҷ�on�XAF³-�v����ʥ���P��Ӆ�?���9SϾ���������u���#� �@\����Z3'E�V:~��zYXU.�r�l��:�҈���ض}�\��r�K��i����?����H\o�D� Creo Normalizer JTP It's best to formalize them - otherwise it could come back to haunt one or both parties later on. It is a proven practice that is applied widely in project management. 2018-10-03T15:45:31+01:00 The PID, in conjunction with supporting Benefits Management Plan, Communications Plan and Quality Plan gives the definition, direction and scope of the project. Edit & Download Download . We'll assume you're OK with this if you continue. Create a Project Charter. J��| 杓���̡��)zW�v�s��~���r!�� Design the system and build new website, 3. It is important to clearly distinguish between project and business objectives and assign responsibilities to each PID bundles the information, which was acquired through the Starting up a project and Initiating a Project processes in a PRINCE2 controlled project environment. a critical document that involves basic information such as project scope Free sign up Sign In. Projects may be subject to dozens of approval cycles throughout their lifetimes. Project Team / Responsibilities A Development Engineer will undertake this project, with project assurance provided by the Principal Engineer for GNSS 5. Communications Plan 1. Background 5. uuid:481f8078-049f-4bf1-ac40-121be7a16999 The Project Initiation Document (PID) – or the Definition Document – is one of the most important artifacts in project management because it provides a foundation for the project. A Project Initiation Document defines the project scope, management and overall success criteria that the team can go back to during the project. Set Expectations. It is at this point where the opportunity or reason for the project is identified and a project is developed to take advantage of that opportunity. The project manager makes reference to the … When we’re done with starting up the project, we will initiate it, i.e. Email client r eplace ment. Questions keep coming to mind: Is it a programme? In my line of worK: The Project Proposal. Project Risk Management. I don't use have never used a PID (Project Initiation Document), but as for the others, they are different. It contains the basic information of the project such as context, scope, team, and collaboration. Key stakeholders of the project such as the project team and project sponsors are identified and brought together. PM experts know the importance of the initiation stage, yet some companies will utilize all of the project stages except initiation. PROJEC T INITIAT I ON D OCUMEN T . A component of the project management plan, this document describes how risk to the project’s success factors will be managed. This is used to develop and clarify the terms of reference for the project. We use cookies to help make our website better. The Project Initiation Document expands on the information in the Project Brief, and is used to identify the key elements of the proposed project. Roles and responsibilities - including authorisations - it should be made clear that the project sponsor (see managing the project section) is responsible for making decisions about the project, providing resources, considering and agreeing changes. Project Charters After deciding what project to work on, its important to formalize projects Project Charter is document formally recognizing existence of project & provides direction on projects objectives & management Key project stakeholders should sign project charter to acknowledge agreement on need & intent of project Summer 2005 16 For example, a unique reference for … Ĵ,�^���.E�*ᗩ*S�RQ��j�,�E3�.��; ������#S�|�$Yі���e��ռ��jfT�����;ن�S�|@mcEj�e��6�� Invite the Right Stakeholders. It specifies why the project is important, what will be delivered, when it will be delivered and how. So you have been asked to take on a large project more complex than anything you have ever managed. ACCA BT F1 MA F2 FA F3 LW F4 Eng PM F5 TX F6 UK FR F7 AA F8 FM F9 SBL SBR INT SBR UK AFM P4 APM P5 ATX P6 UK AAA P7 INT AAA P7 UK. ACCA CIMA CAT DipIFR Search. Document History 2. Syllabus H. … Risk management plan (PMBOK What Is the Project Initiation Phase? j[��]�a��G��5�Ά�|OuD������q�����f}���*k/DY��^v�F��ZWi�4P3pƁ���GW���S$��k��h52/�!��6ˡ�͚{� ��'$]�"|�e�M���CaW='�A0J�K�䌣뫷G"�=�������VƗǶ1��T(�|W���Ij��`7�F��%sxD�;H�;�g �O�̊2��E����1�~(i��T�ʂQ7�����ϙ����?

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