33 Content Marketing Ideas for Musicians

Earlier we mentioned content marketing in an article on building fan loyalty, and in that article we offered a few ideas of valuable content to offer fans. The article received a ton of response and so we thought we’d put a list of content marketing ideas for musicians together for you. So, without further ado, here are 33 content marketing ideas.

1. A behind the scenes look of your life as an artist

2. Free content for those on your mailing list (a song, a lyric e-book, etc.)

3. Behind the scenes photos

4. A tour diary (video or text)

5. Song lyrics

6. DIY ideas for musicians or fans

7. If you have other hobbies you could share them (if you like cooking, you can post recipes)

8. Music lessons – give fans lessons on your instrument or in songwriting

9. A Google Hangout chat or concert, etc.

10. A digital version of your album’s liner notes

11. Music videos

12. Filmed recording sessions

13. Photos from shows

14. Articles or podcasts on the inspiration behind your songs

15. Have a fan interview you

16. Or interview a fan

17. Talk about your music equipment or instruments and why you use it

18. Respond to someone else’s blog post or a news article

19. “Did you know” – share a fact about yourself or your band

20. Announce milestones such as 1000 likes on Facebook or Twitter

21. Share your goals for the coming year

22. Write an album or concert review for another band in your local community

23. Create a quiz or survey for your fans to complete

24. Create an award for a contest that gets your fans involved on your site or social networks

25. Answer fan questions

26. A day in the life – write a blog post or create a photo gallery of a day in your life (example)

27. Link roundup – create a post with links relevant to your band, your genre or something else you think your fans might enjoy

28. Launch a project with a partner (think graphic designer, videographer, photographer, another musician)

29. Create a press release

30. Write a new bio

31. Get fans to take photos of your albums or band t-shirts “in the wild” and create a blog post with your favorite submissions

32. Post photos of your fans at shows (take a photo from the stage of the audience)

33. Fan reviews or testimonials

What are some content marketing ideas you’ve implemented?

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Published on: May 30, 2013

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