A mission statement may contain a statement of vision. The following are common types of external stakeholder. 10) Which of the following would NOT be considered a stakeholder in a business? External stakeholders are groups or individuals outside the organization that have a particular interest in and a major impact on the organization. Stakeholders _____ are groups or individuals who have a claim in some aspect of a company's products, operations, markets, industry, and outcomes. False. d. media. The term used to express how a firm meets its stakeholder expectations of its economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities is. What is the first step in implementing a stakeholder perspective in an organization? It could cause conflicts of interest between the directors and the organization. Factors that influence strategic direction include all of the following except: The forces in a firm that work to maintain the status quo are called: The view of top management concerning what an organization can become is the organization's: A business definition should contain answers to all of the following questions except: A. asked Jun 29 in Business by juicyfruit. C. Stakeholders may not be affected by the outcome but may perceive that they could be affected by the outcome Fewer negative responses from stakeholders such as legal suits or boycotts. Little influence over major occurrences and patterns in the broad environment. Employees. C. Stakeholder perceptions have a large impact on success. Enactment is the process of influencing the environment through strategic actions. Question: Which Of The Following Is NOT A Major Responsibility Of A Project Manager? Tags: Question 20 . b. C. Identify stakeholders D. make sure all the stakeholders are in communication plan Explanation: Stakeholders are NOT … 2. Owner stakeholders are the owners of an organization. The industrial organization economics perspective suggests that: The performance of an industry is dependent on the conduct of the firms it contains, which is dependent on the structure of the industry. Why do critics argue that high compensation for boards of directors is a bad thing? Organizations that cluster near each other typically are at a competitive disadvantage relative to organizations that are not in clusters. Utilizing a(n) _____ allows an organization to identify, monitor, and respond to the needs, values, and expectations of different stakeholder groups. but also "What was our business?". The right to vote for or against a merger. then the ‘ …not a stakeholder(s) ” are everyone else. ; Beneficiaries of your services or "customers." Corporate-level decisions are typically made by: Business-level strategy formulation pertains to: Regarding strategy implementation and strategic control: Strategy implementation refers to the details of strategy execution whereas strategic control refers to ongoing evaluation of and adjustments to strategy. Multiple Choice The right to residual cash flows in the event of a liquidation. This new model was publicly supported by 181 CEOs of major corporations. The answer here is "c", Competitors. The higher the entry barriers, the more intense is competition in an industry. According to Michael Porter, all of the following are conditions that create advantages for firms in certain countries and industries except: Shortages of critical raw materials or other supplies. Strategic management includes a process by which organizations analyze and learn from their internal and external environments. management; 0 Answers. Children. It is not necessary to conduct extensive market research. They supply capital or equity to the … Employees (whether paid or unpaid volunteers)Members (some nonprofits have paying or honorary members); Volunteers, from board members to the generous folks who help you keep your organization running. Tags: Employees B. there was knowing cooperation or complicity from within the company. Major corporate governance issues normally involve decisions. If an organizational capability or resource is valuable and unique, but it is easy to imitate: It can be a source of competitive advantage for a period of time. What are the four levels of social responsibility? Stakeholders are specifically named groups with specialized interests in a company. 3.12. Local Community . The following are common types of primary stakeholder. The five levels of stakeholder engagement are...? SURVEY . It includes p view the full answer. The right to hire and fire managers. A strategic group map involves plotting industry rivals based on two or more strategic dimensions that are important to the industry. True 3.14. Not only that, but the list of stakeholders can change throughout the project’s journey: a certain stakeholder’s influence might become more or less important depending on the project phase, for example. Organizational process assets It has been suggested that the business definition question should include not only "What is our business?" Tags: Question 4 . Impact of scope changes to stakeholders. True or False: financiers are a stakeholder in a business. stakeholder: A stakeholder is a person or group who has an interest -- vested or otherwise -- in an enterprise and whose support is required in order for an enterprise to be successful. Best answer.
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