How Do The Jets And Jet Systems Allow Me To Customize My Hydrotherapy Experience? Add water if needed.2. Shuttles from the base are available. It also provides the necessary flow to allow the heater to constantly maintain your set temperature. See Section titled “Water Quality Maintenance” (page 37) for general guidance. Most quality spas have relatively sophisticated digital thermostatic controls. One of the most hated words in the English language could also be the reason your hot tub is tripping the breaker. Breaker keeps tripping and powering off spa. * By clicking “Unlock Pricing”, you agree that: (i) Sundance Spas may share your personal information with your local Sundance Spas dealer(s); and (ii) Sundance Spas and your local Sundance Spas dealer(s) may use your personal information to contact you with marketing materials. If you choose to connect your spa to 120V service, you must be certain that it is a dedicated circuit, not shared by any other appliance, and has amperage rating appropriate for the spa you select. At the end of that time you will know whether the seating and jet arrangements are comfortable. If the timer is not at “0” pressing the Jets pump 1 will not reset it. Page 23 5. If the outlet continues to pop, either immediately or later, there is likely some stray voltage grounding out and causing the button to pop. Use a qualified electrician to connect the electrical service to the spa. Spa was working fine prior to refilling. A spa heater may need to be reset if it has tripped or stopped working. There are a number of unique functions designed into your Sundance hot tub to protect it from damage and/or to aid in troubleshooting. I believe the manufacturer is Leisure Bay Ind. Incorporating the new micro-filtering disposable filter, our system creates water that is cleaner and clearer than ever before. 3. Try SunPurity™ PLUS Water Enhancer, which is compatible with popular sanitizers. 4. Please fill out this form to see MSRP and your dealer will reach out with your local pricing. -Cyndy, Northern Alabama When sitting in any seat, the water should reach shoulder level. 2. © 2020 Sundance® Spas Inc. All rights reserved. Horsepower can be measured using a "service factor" or a "true rating" system. Here is what you should look for: Verify that the seats provide comfortable support. Whatever the problem, your Friday night is not working out the way you’d hoped. Water conditioner targets scale buildup in your pipes and helps your sanitizer to work more efficiently. It’s designed to work with our UV-C water management system, automatically releasing just the right amount of oxidizer. If you find it tripped, just push the reset button back in. Our Spa receptionists will aid you in customizing your services. Quality spas are available in a wide range of prices. Spas without circulation pumps must rely on the low speed of a larger horsepower pump turning on periodically to provide filtration and the flow required for heating. Note: You can only program To turn the ClearRAY timer off (Second Step) Press the cycle button until you see a “U” Cycling power does not reset "Watchdog". The spa obviously should not be used when OH or OHH is flashing on the topside control; as the water could be scalding hot for several more minutes. Stay in the spa with the jets on for at least 15 minutes. Both are simple treatments to get your water back to a top-quality state. Motor dried in sun. A common point of consumer confusion occurs when manufacturers load up a spa with lots of inexpensive, non-adjustable, stationary jets. Massage, provided by the spa's jet system, relaxes tense muscles and relieves pressure on surrounding nerves. Several common hot tub issues have simple solutions you can handle on … The Sundance Optima was our choice. This is one of those GFCI outlets with a test button and a reset button. We offer spas for every lifestyle–all with our recognized quality and craftmanship. The sundance spa is running with the red heat on light working, but no - Answered by a verified Pool and Spa Expert We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Buoyancy reduces your body's weight by 90%. Why choose a Sundance Spa Pool. Prepare The Spa For Filling • Clear all debris from the spa. Continuous Operating is the horsepower the motor is capable of producing while the spa is in operation. The Sundance® MicroClean® Ultra Filtration System, available on 980, 880 and 780 Series spas, produces a level of water purity never before found in any spa. SUNDANCE SPAS utilise des cookies destinés à optimiser votre expérience sur ce site et à vous proposer des services adaptés à vos besoins. 1-at the circuit breaker, 2-at the plug outlet or on the end of the cord (110 volt models, or 3- on the pack located near the heater chamber. You should pay particular attention to the control system if you have children who will be using the spa. These highly reliable modern systems are capable of keeping the spa water within one degree of any temperature you select. The Sundance Optima was our choice. Water alkalinity is an important aspect of your overall pH. ... sundance spa capri 880. I have severe back pain with numbness. My 2000 Sundance Cameo Hot Tub has a control panel (topside display) that will not unlock. High alkalinity can cause your pH levels to rise and reduce the effects of your sanitizer. We enjoy it on a daily basis so far with the weather. Low alkalinity affects the ability of pH to regulate itself, resulting in fluctuations and possibly damage to hot tub surfaces. ", "Great massage n easy to use I am a new hot tub owner. At this point press the warmer button until you see 0. The issue is caused by an excessively dirty filter cartridge that interrupts the flow of water leading to “air lock” conditions at the pump and malfunction of the flow switch. Your water’s pH is a measure of how acidic or basic the water is. With more than 40 years of excellence and more than 40 innovative spa firsts, Sundance® Spas has revolutionized an industry. My husband is 6'5" and I am 5'3" so we needed something for all sizes. Or you may prefer the "economy" setting which allows you to tell the system when you are most likely to use the spa and the water will be hot and ready at your designated times. To reset a hot tub heater you need to locate the red reset button which will probably be on the heater in the service bay of the hot tub. If no sound is detected or if a buzzing sound is detected, turn off power to the spa and contact your authorized dealer or qualified service technician; If motor operates, but now water flows to jets: Pump may not be properly primed. Of course, we hope that as you are shopping you will consider a Sundance spa. If you don’t have basic electrical knowledge, don’t attempt to … The CLEARRAY® bulb is the part of the CLEARRAY® Water Management System that emits UV-C light. Add Start-Up Chemicals Add the spa water chemicals as recommended by your authorized Sundance dealer. A spa or hot tub provides a form of personal relaxation known as hydrotherapy. You may consider "wet testing" a spa before purchasing. The high limit switch may be housed in a thermowell. E. Jets 2 Button: Controls jets pump #2 (and Maxxus Jets Pump #3) F. Jets 1 Button: Controls the 1-speed jets pump #1 G. Blower Button… "We have had our hot tub now for about a month. Share Laughter, Conversation and Fun with a Sundance® spa. A good indicator of the control system's quality is to read and compare manufacturers' warranties. See instructions below. Contact your Sundance Spas dealer or qualified service technician. Earlier this winter, we had a power failure and I had noted that the spa did not come back on by itself, so I went to reset the panel breaker to *off* and then *on* again. Test out your spa of interest with a private wet test. The hot tub high limit switch is sometimes triggered when you’re refilling your hot tub and can be reset by pressing the large red button on your spa pack. A result higher than seven is basic, and can lead to unsightly build-up of minerals on the edge of the water. If you find that this switch has tripped, this is a sign that your heat pump may not be defective. Most manufacturers recommend draining and cleaning your spa no more than 3 or 4 times per year, depending on how frequently you use it and how well you maintain your water. One of the sensors detected that the water in the hot tub is 112°F (44°C). If you don't find what you need here, please contact us. Conveniently placed massage selectors let you divert water from one seat to another to increase or minimize the water flow. What Does The Pump's Horsepower Rating Mean? Brake is the amount of horsepower the motor produces on start-up before dropping to the Continuous Operating rate. How Long Before I Want To Use The Spa Should I Start Heating It? I Understand That The Heater Is Usually The Most Vulnerable Component Of Any Spa. Depress JETS Button. You can control the flow, volume, and movement of other jets as well. Pop open the breaker box, shine the flashlight around in there, and see if you find any moisture inside. The Sentry Smart™ Heater carries a 5-year unconditional warranty. The Sundance Heater employs a titanium coil that directly heats the water, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. De innehåller den främsta spabadstekniken och är lätta att sköta. Today's finest spas feature a circulation pump that continuously filters the water to keep it clean and clear. The better your filtration, the more effortless the water treatment process will be. 2. Truly beneficial hydrotherapy is directly related to the placement of the jets and to some extent, being able to adjust each jet where it is needed. Most Sundance spas must be connected to 240V electrical service, but some offer the option of operating on either 120V or 240V. After 20 min a day I can go without pain for 1-2 hr.". Sundance® Spas supports veterans, active military personnel and their families through the healing power of hydrotherapy. Make sure you read the manufacturer's warranty before buying, and compare coverage with other spas you are considering. Won't More Filters Produce Better Water Quality? Hydrotherapy is widely recognized as an effective method of alleviating the tension commonly associated with stress. Sundance Spas - Découvrez la marque premium de fabrication et installation de spas du groupe Jacuzzi - Spas de massage, spas de nage, abris de spas et saunas. View Details. Hydrotherapy is the combined effect of heat, massage, and buoyancy. Condition can cause injury or damage to spa and its components. The GFCI pops if there is any type of electrical short (such as water getting into the heating element, the reset on that can be in one of three places. Once you see 0 press the Jet 1 button and your ClearRay countdown timer should reset. Browse our latest guide showcasing all of our Spas. We sell everything for your spa and hot tub including spa accessories, air blowers, spa circuit boards, spa contactors, spa control panels, spa equipment systems, spa filters, spa jets, spa lights, spa motors, spa ozone, spa pillows, spa plumbing, spa pump, spa relays, spa skimmers, spa switches, spa temp sensors, spa thermostats, hi limits, spa timeclocks, spa transformers, Sundance Spas Your spa’s water passes by this bulb and is treated for waterborne bacteria and pathogens. The spa deactivates in this situation. Unfortunately, we’re not talking about moist cake, which would make this whole subject more bearable to discuss. This is the same technology used in food and beverage production and in medical facilities.
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