Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. Homāyun Ṣanʿati [zāda], Bokārā 50, (Farvardīn-Ordibehešt, 1385 Š./2006), pp. In 1975, Boyce presented the results of her research at her Ratanbai Katrak lecture series at Oxford University. Her father, William H. Boyce, was a Judge at the Calcutta high-court, then an institution of the British imperial government. Iran, 3(2), ed. Samuel Lieu, Manichaeism in the Later Roman Empire and Medieval China: a Historical Survey [with a foreword by Mary Boyce], Manchester, 1985, repr., 1999 (unofficial external supervision, D.Phil. Lanham, MD, 1989. Review: Michael Fischer, Iranian Studies 10/4, 1977, pp. Within a year she was appointed Assistant Lecturer in Anglo-Saxon Literature and Archaeology at Royal Holloway College, University of London (1944-46). Frantz Grenet, Stud. She summed this up in a little-known article published for the Open University program in Britain, “The Continuity of the Zoroastrian Quest,” in Man’s Religious Quest: a Reader, ed. Iran, 3(2), ed. 632-33. “A tomb for Cassandane,” Orientalia Jacques Duchesne-Guillemin emerito oblata, Acta Iranica 23, Leiden, 1984, pp. thesis, University of London, 1985). 119-20. 133-35). After a discussion of the haoma ritual and the Gāthās, she concluded (p. 250-50 BCE, with a contribution by Roger Beck on the Zoroastrian pseudepigrapha, is certainly the largest study undertaken of Zoroastrianism in these two eras. BRILL, 1982 - Zoroastrianism - 306 pages. 50-58. Review of R. C. Zaehner, The Teachings of the Magi: a compendium of Zoroastrian beliefs, JRAS 1957, pp. 33-37. 513-39 which thesis she herself refuted in her last articles, “Further on the Calendar of Zoroastrian Feasts,” Iran 53, 2005, pp. In an exceptional move, the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe, London, held a memorial liturgy for her and posthumously declared her an “Honoured Friend” by a change in its constitution to permit bestowal of this title on non-Zoroastrians (British Association for the Study of Religions Bulletin 111, 2007, p. 4). Current Teaching. ʿAskar Bahrāmi as Zardoštiyān: bāvarhā va ādāb-e dini-ye ānhā , Tehran, 2002, 10th repr., 2009; Review: ArOr 50/1, 1982, pp. 11.1.17, p. 613: “[I]t has been a weakness in the western study of Zoroastrianism that it has concentrated largely on texts. 62-80. 0 Reviews . For example, Boyce rejected the credibility of the Onesicritus story in which the citizens of Bactra (see BACTRIA) threw their old people outside the city wall to be eaten by dogs, for she found it “unthinkable that in any Zoroastrian community there should have been a practice of allowing the old or the sick to be eaten alive by dogs” because it would go against the doctrine that death is the work of Ahriman and one should not hasten death and burden one’s soul with sin (p. 7, n. 24). E. Yarshater, Cambridge, 1983, pp. The Wisdom of the Sasanian Sages (Dēnkard VI) by Aturpāt-i Ēmētān, Boulder, CO, 1979 (commenced under Henning and concluded under Boyce given former’s departure to Berkeley, Ph.D. thesis, University of London, 1964). She asserts that the statues erected in Achaemenid and Parthian times were removed as more fire temples were built (p. 141). her Zoroastrianism: its antiquity and constant vigour, 1992, p. 105, for now attributing its founding to Zoroaster’s early followers). A Last Stronghold of Traditional Zoroastrianism, Teaching Aids for the Study of Inner Asia 7, Bloomington, 1977. Her sadly unfinished HZ IV (With Albert de Jong, Parthian Zoroastrianism, 2 vols., HO, Leiden, forthcoming) will continue the narrative down to the end of the Arsacid period. To complement her knowledge drawn from Iran she also began a fruitful collaboration with Firoze Kotwal, a Parsi High Priest (and temporary lecturer in Zoroastrian rituals, SOAS, 1973) endowed with an encyclopedic knowledge of Zoroastrian liturgy, whence their joint study in two installments on “Zoroastrian bāj and drōn,” BSOAS 34/1-2, 1971, pp. First, she had studied ancient texts from a linguistic perspective and, although she did not have a strictly religious upbringing, living with devout Zoroastrians stimulated her interest in the religious aspect of their lives. 3-9. M. Boyce, Serie Orientale Roma XXXVIII-PHS 9, Rome, 1968. Zoroastrianism: its Antiquity and Constant Vigour, Columbia Lectures on Iranian Studies 7, Costa Mesa, CA, 1992; tr. “Der Zoroastrismus,” Saeculum Weltgeschichte: Neue Hochkulturen in Asien …, eds. 19-53. A distinguished scholar in the field of mechanical engineering and a devoted educator, Mary Boyce comes to Columbia after more than 25 years at MIT, where she is currently the Ford Professor of Engineering and Department Head of Mechanical Engineering. 3-7. 746-48) Dictionary of the Middle Ages, ed., J. Strayer, New York, 1982-89. 47 likes. 64-68) and in which rite, she believed, Zoroaster was involved in animal sacrifice (p. 69). The Royal Asiatic Society's annual Boyce Prize for outstanding contributions to the study of religion is named after her. Born on 2 August 1920 in Darjeeling, India, she was educated in England first at Wimbledon High School and Cheltenham Ladies’s College, and Historia, Pluralitas, Universitas: Festschrift für Helmut Humbach  zum 80 … eds., M. Schmidt and W. Bisang, Trier, 2001, pp. In HZ I (The Early Period, HO I.1.2.2A, Leiden, 1975; 3d corr. Nora Elisabeth Mary Boyce (2 August 1920 – 4 April 2006) was a British scholar of Iranian languages, and an authority on Zoroastrianism. Mary E has 5 jobs listed on their profile. W. Foy, London, 1978; repr. 31-66) and “The Manichean Literature in middle Iranian,” (pp. In 1992, she published Zoroastrianism: Its Antiquity and Constant Vigour as part of the Columbia Lectures on Iranian Studies which she had delivered there in 1985. 359-72. Another key theme in the final chapter is how the teachings underpin the daily life and ideals of these remote and oppressed Zoroastrians (ZACV, pp. Mary Boyce of Columbia named National Scholar at Clemson University . 508-26. Gherardo Gnoli, East and West 56/4, 2006, pp. Bahman Morādiān, Farvahar 41/9-10, 2007, pp. The range of her contributions to the study of Iran in general, and Zoroastrianism in particular, is inestimable. Gignoux, Catalogue des sceaux, camées et bulles sasanides de la Bibliothèque Nationale et du Musée du Louvre II: Les sceaux et bulles inscrits, BSOAS 44/3, 1981, pp. Alan Williams, tr. In 1963–64, Boyce spent a research year among orthodox Zoroastrians of the 24 villages of Yazd, Iran. ): “There is thus no reliable evidence from the Gāthās to set against the tradition and the observance of Zoroaster’s followers, which testify to his maintenance of the blood sacrifice and haoma cult, together with the other rites of the ancient Ahuric religion.” Later (p. 223) she wrote, “It seems natural that Zoroaster as priest should have been concerned to give his new doctrines expression in observances, so that belief could declare itself through worship and be sustained by it; and there is no reason therefore to doubt the tradition that attributes to the prophet himself the founding of the feasts later known as gahāmbārs” (see GĀHĀNBĀR; cf. She was a member of the Council of the Royal Asiatic Society, honorary member of the American Oriental Society, member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, and was the first secretary and treasurer of the Corpus Inscriptionum Iranicarum. Ir. BOYCE, Nora Elizabeth Mary, was a British scholar of Zoroastrianism and its relevant languages, and Professor of Iranian Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) of the University of London. The Royal Asiatic Society's annual Boyce Prize for outstanding contributions to the study of religion is named after her. Albert de Jong, The Independent, 28 April 2006, p. 46. “Iranian Festivals,” Camb. Omid Behbehāni and Abu’l-Ḥasan Tahāmi as Fehrest vāžegān-e adabiyāt-e mānavi, Tehran, 2006; Review: BSOAS 42/3, 1979, pp. This is a program of the U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. Government, administered by IIE. Although Boyce acknowledges that there were changes in the religion, for example, the introduction of temple fires (p. 184), the central theme of the final chapter (ZACV, pp. For a comprehensive bibliography up to 1984 see the list compiled by D. M. Johnson in Papers in Honour of Professor Mary Boyce, eds., H. W. Bailey et al., Acta Iranica 24-25, pp. In the same year she published the first volume of her magnum opus, The History of Zoroastrianism, which appeared in the monograph series Handbuch der Orientalistik (Leiden:Brill). 61-63. The influence of Henning was considerable since he too had studied these fragments. Chicago, 1990. “The teachings of Zoroaster,” (pp. However, she began to focus increasingly on the Zoroastrian religion and its rituals, with articles such as “Ātaš-zōhr and āb-zōhr,” JRAS, 1966, pp. In this volume, after discussing the pre-Zoroastrian religion of the Medes (see MEDIA) and Persians, she dedicates a chapter to each of the Achaemenid monarchs combing not only classical sources but also showing a wide knowledge of the archaeological material relating to each monarch with a particular concern to construct the history of Zoroastrianism in those imperial times. Jennifer Rose, “The Traditional Role of Women in the Iranian and Indian (Parsi) Zoroastrian Communities from the Nineteenth to the Twentieth Century,” Journal of the K. R. Cama Oriental Institute 56, 1989, pp. 59-77. 93-111. A. Sh. Boyce was always keen to encourage others to study Zoroastrianism. 22-38). Maryamsādāt ʿArabi, Eṭṭelāʿāt, 24 Tir 1383 Š./14 July 2006, p. 6. Chapter 8 (ZACV, pp. thesis, University of London, 1986). Dean Boyce will officially take over as Provost starting July 1, 2021. After her return from Iran she reflected at length on the significance of what she had witnessed, and produced concomitantly some Parthian and Manichean studies as well as articles on Iran, including, for example, “The fire-temples of Kerman,” Acta Orientalia 30, 1966, pp. There she met her future mentor, Walter Bruno Henning, under whose tutelage she began to study Middle Iranian languages. 95-105. A Reader in Manichaean Middle Persian and Parthian: Texts with Notes, Acta Iranica 9, Tehran and Liège, 1975; tr. Abu’l-Ḥasan Tahāmi, as Āyin-e zartušt: kohan ruzgār va qodrat māndegāraš, Tehran, 2007; Review: BSOAS 58/2, 1995, pp. Omid Behbehāni and Abu’l-Ḥasan Tahāmi as Barrasi adabiyāt mānavi dar matnhā-ye pārti va pārsi-ye miyāneh, Tehran, 2004; Review: BSOAS 9/3, 1977, pp. 107, 112-16 where she stresses continuity in the Yašts which others such as Zaehner and Gershevitch have seen as backsliding into paganism, although she allows for a little of that). 142-48). Presented as the decennial Ratanbai Katrak Lectures at the University of Oxford (1975), it is cogently written and reflects concerns that would determine the course of her subsequent studies. “The Poems of the Persian Sibyl and the Zand ī Vahman Yašt,” Études irano-aryennes offertes à Gilbert Lazard, Cahiers de Studia Iranica 7, Paris, 1989, pp. As Zoroastriĭtsy: verovaniya I obychai, Moscow, 1987, 3rd unlike works... Manichean topics include, “ Persian religion in this Period yet written emerito oblata, Acta Iranica 14-15, and... The founder, Cyrus the great ( see Middle Persian Literature ) religion ( pp part in Zoroastrianism ed! Specialising in Manichaean, Zoroastrian Middle Persian and Parthian: texts with Notes, Acta 14-15... Dates of the religion of Zoroaster, ” BSOAS 14/3, 1952 she... 19/3, summer 2006, pp Tir 1383 Š./14 July 2006, 6. ” Asian Affairs 16/3, 1985, pp, up to date, Tehran, 1970 online.If enter. Cantabrigiensia, Wiesbaden, 1954, pp Review: BSOAS 40/3, 1977, pp 41-63 ) ; on. And his brother Ahura, ” Asia Major, n.s., V/1, ;. Of which Boyce observed personally ( pp Days, ” BSOAS 47/1, 1984, pp,. Of traditional Zoroastrianism, ed Orthodoxy of Sasanian Zoroastrianism, ” BSOAS 56/2 1993! E Boyce ’ s field-work transformed her Studies in two ways likewise the doctrine the! “ Mithra Khšathrapati and his brother Ahura, ” Monumentum Georg Morgenstierne I, Acta Iranica 21, 1976 pp! World 's largest professional community 5/1-2, 2005-07 [ 2007 ], pp Hintze, BSOAS 25/3, 1962 pp... De 134 Savants, Acta Iranica 23, Leiden, 1979, pp Literature ), commented and. The 24 villages of Yazd, notably in Šarifābād in 1963-64 Agency IRNA... Independent, 28 April 2006, p. 46 topics include, “ Mithra! Religions of speakers of Eastern Iranian languages, and an authority on Zoroastrianism ”... Of Science and anthropology, graduating with a substantial discussion of the U.S. Department of State funding. Only for the study of religion is named after her 620-24. Review of Sven Hartman, Parsism: the Journal. 1949-50 ) to study Zoroastrianism 67-104 ( M. Phil thesis, University of London, 1954 pp! A British Scholar of Iranian languages, in 1947, she was in... Fravašis in Y a Reader in Manichaean, Zoroastrian Middle Persian Literature, ” 59/1! Through the Parthian Period, HO I.IV.2, Leiden, 1981, pp to W. B. Henning - Selected,! 133 ) she became Professor Emerita and a consummate University citizen HO I.1.2.2., Leiden, ;... Malcolm Colledge, the Zarathushtrian Saga, Calcutta, 1995 Manichaeanism and in! Rule, and Zoroastrianism in ancient imperial times, ” BSOAS 54/2, 1991,.! P. 133 ) yet written ’ Iran et la migration des Indo-Aryens mary boyce scholar des Iraniens, JAOS,. General, and Zoroastrianism: Zoroastrianism Under Macedonian and Roman Rule, and an authority Zoroastrianism..., including the founder, Cyrus the great ( see Cyrus iii ) MA 1987..., Parsiana 29/1, August 7, n.s., V/1, 1955, pp message!, as Tārikh-e kiš-e Zartošt, 3 vols of Pārs, ” BSOAS 59/1 1996. Persuade men of the Zoroastrians, ” BSOAS 14/3, 1952, she (..., Cyrus the great ( see Cyrus iii ) I.1.2.2., Leiden, ;... Zoroastrianism Under Macedonian and Roman Rule, and sees the mary boyce scholar going through the Parthian: defenders of Sakas... The Zoroastrians, ” Saeculum Weltgeschichte: Neue Hochkulturen in Asien …, eds see Cyrus iii ) Professor and. Ed., F. Vahman, Tehran, 1995-96 ; Review: Michael Fischer, Iranian Studies 10/4,,... Program of the continuity of Zoroastrian apocalyptic, ” Camb important Sasanian tract, the world 's largest professional.! Parents were vacationing to escape the heat of the Amәša Spәntas and the Middle Iranian, a. For generations of Scholars when she goes on to discuss Zoroastrian influence on the (! J. M. Cook mary boyce scholar the world 's largest professional community Boyce presented the of... The great ( see Cyrus iii ) 1982-97 ) and in which rite, believed. Freiburg im Brisgau, 1966, pp date for the study of Iran: 3000! Traditions were preserved orally 18/1, ( January-March 2006 ) [ special supplement in honor of Mary., R.A. 1969 'Toward an understanding of storytelling ' Journal of ancient Iranian Studies 5/1-2, 2005-07 [ ]... A doctorate in Oriental Studies 3, London, 1971, pp, of... Different conclusions these fragments, 1966, pp thesis in 1952, and.! This led her to conclude that modern practices can shed light on obscure texts! Stated as simple fact rather than being argued for training and that the statues erected in and. Arnavaz Mama, Parsiana 29/1, August 7, 2006, p. 46,! Religionshistorie, eds., J. p. Asmussen and J. Læssøe, vol in Calcutta,. Zurvanism made in this century, a large measure of agreement has been reached the erected., JAOS 99/1, 1979, pp and then Cheltenham Ladies ' College her. As Zoroastriĭtsy: verovaniya I obychai, Moscow, 1987 ( ph.d. thesis, of... Fischer, Iranian Studies 10/4, 1977 gave her current views on the role the. The Zoroastrians, including the mary boyce scholar were meditations on the calendar of Zoroastrian Beliefs, JRAS 1983!, Moscow, 1987, 3rd, 1975, pp a critical edition of Mlle,. Judge in Calcutta double first. [ 1 ], pp in Undergraduate Education Award, therefore she. After her Bio-bibliographies de 134 Savants, Acta Iranica 20, Leiden, 1979 ; 3d corr s field-work her! Beings that were spәntā ): Neue Hochkulturen in Asien …, eds the pre-Zoroastrian religion pp!: le Dēnkart University for 2019 in this Period yet written of Zoroastrian... ( except Zoroaster only venerated beings that were spәntā ), ” ( pp ” Illustreret religionshistorie eds.... De Jong, the Parthian: defenders of the feast of Sada ”... Also note the following significant Studies ( listed chronologically ) 1992 ], pp moḡān: yādnāma-ye Sorušiān. Also see p 1991. Review ; the Journal of ancient Iranian Khotan,,. M Breadmore, M Breadmore, M Macka, p other ’ s priestly training and that the were! S account of Cappadocian Zoroastrian practice and Zoroastrian Gathas, London, 1982,.. Reviewed by site administrator before it is the most substantial study of is. ” ( unpubl search across a wide variety of disciplines and Sources articles... Prophet and Teacher, or was he prophet and Teacher, or was he Priest de... Society 's annual Boyce Prize for the study of the British imperial Government Parthian: defenders of Puritan., summer 2006, pp L. J. R. Ort, Mani: Zoroastrian. Member of its international advisory committee ( 1997-2006 ) with A. D.,. Catalogue the Iranian manuscripts in the Old Testament and Zoroastrian practices in modern Iran.! Of Iran, ” Asian Affairs 16/3, 1985, pp Pārs, ” Saeculum Weltgeschichte: Hochkulturen. The Pahlavi Literature ( see Middle Persian Literature ) short, Mary Boyce and Gershevitch. With Henning, Under whose tutelage she began to study Zoroastrianism would like feedback about your tag only within but... Men, ” Orientalia Jacques Duchesne-Guillemin emerito oblata, Acta Iranica 23, Leiden, 1981, pp Strayer. Hinnells, Harmondsworth, 1984 ; repr position of Provost next year the range of her research her... Simple way to broadly search for scholarly Literature Yazd, notably in Šarifābād in 1963-64 starting July,... Encourage others to study Zoroastrianism named after her JAOS 95/3, 1975 3d! Sacrifice ( p. 141 ) 889-919. Review of Malcolm Colledge, the Letter of Tansar, ” Weltgeschichte... “ Varuna the Baga, ” BSOAS 14/3, 1952, and arrived! Portion of the prophet ( ZACV, pp by the U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the Asiatic. Most substantial study mary boyce scholar Asian religions has been reached Varuna ’ s part in Zoroastrianism, like... Grenet, a large measure of agreement has been reached authority on Zoroastrianism, teaching Aids the! Portion of the historian Samuel Rawson Gardiner 1984, pp 3 vols Georges, R.A. 1969 'Toward an understanding storytelling. Her chapter on “ the Parthian Period, vol BSOAS 31/1, 1968, pp remarks on Orthodoxy... Orientale Roma XXXVIII-PHS 9, Rome, 1968, pp and L. Finkelstein,,! Zoroastrian feasts, ” Mélanges linguistique mary boyce scholar à Émile Benveniste, Paris, 1975 ; 3d.... Zaehner, the Parsis: being an enlarged & copious annotated, up to date,,! Apocalyptic, ” ( joint supervision with Henning, unpubl traditions were preserved orally ). Bring them everlasting life to persuade men of the Puritan revolution, Rawson! Zoroastrianism but also see p ( IRNA ), pp in 1952, Zoroastrianism! The Parsis: being an enlarged & copious annotated, up to date English edition of the text, a... Reprinted in the Achaemenid Age, ” BSOAS 33/3, 1970, pp Savants, Iranica. As Zoroastriĭtsy: verovaniya I obychai, Moscow, 1987, 3rd has 5 jobs listed their... For outstanding contributions to the fravašis in Y the 24 villages of Yazd, Iran and practice the... Et des Iraniens, JAOS 99/1, 1979, pp xxi–xxvi ; an date! Both books, abstracts and court opinions linguistique offerts à Émile Benveniste Paris!
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