", Close up of Lili with a glass goblet full of dark liquid, Close up of darkness that pans around into a medium shot of Lili, Darkness : "You lie. The Director's Cut of LEGEND is an entirely new and different viewing experience. Extreme long shot of the cottage and all three Goblins riding their horses in a circle outside. ", Blix : "Black as midnight, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch. I Am Legend depicts the fallout of the KV virus—a total lack of human survivors. However, the footage is revered in the American cut to make it look like he is leaning down to kiss her and is used to imply that they have sex afterwards. Or get 4-5 business-day shipping on this item for $5.99 . In the theatrical cut of I Am Legend, Neville's house is stormed by the vampires, right as he finally discovers a cure for their condition. “Empresses in the Palace (Director’s Cut)” is a condensed, six-episode version of the 2011 Chinese drama series directed by Zheng Xiao Long. Like a bird feels the first time it flies. item 4 Legend [1986] 4 - Legend … ", Screwball : "Well, when you're having fun, time goes by fast. Additional footage and dialogue is spent getting to know the characters and the story is given the space to breathe and be told at its own pace. setting up plates, Long shot of Gump running down a hall with plate and Brown Tom, Close up of back of throne (where the eyes were? I couldn't find this version on Youtube, so I uploaded it. ", Father : "To make her one of us. I made that for you myself. ", Long shot of a demon with wings coming up the hallway. If you like Tom Cruise, Tim Curry, and "Sloane" from Ferris Bueller, you will like this. Both are wonderfully crafted and presented . . First time watching Legend (1985). Legend (1985) **Jerry Goldsmith score directors cut 06-09-2016, 12:47 PM The ultimate edition of this film was released on blu-ray in 2011 with the theatrical (US) release with the Tangerine Dream score, and the directors cut with the original Jerry Goldsmith score. It tells of a time long, long ago, when unicorns roam the Earth and the powers of light and darkness are at war. Mia Sara was stunning, Tom Cruise (usually and annoyance to me) was solid and Tim Curry as Darkness! Any more noise and you're shishkabob. Have faith in yourself. They are each crowned with a single horn reaching straight to heaven. One could rule the universe with it. A+ movie. The studio monkeyed with the film a lot at the time of release -- insisting that it be cut down and that a pop band do the soundtrack. ", Dissolve to close up of Lili's hand with ring, Lili : "it's my right to set a challenge for my suitors. Director's Cut or Theatrical Cut? Wonderful! Frustrated, he came back to the idea of filming a fairy tale or mythological story. Can I come tomorrow? ", Blunder : "No job is too small for my little brother. ", Blix : "Must be dread indeed to trouble you lordship. I feel magic stirring within me, when I look in my true love's eyes. There shall never be another dawn. (Prices may vary for AK and HI.) Legend, from director Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Gladiator), is a visually stunning fantasy-adventure in which pure good and evil battle to the death amidst spectacular surroundings. Jack does a flip in the air and lands closer to Lili. item 2 The Legends of Nethiah DVD 2 - The Legends of Nethiah DVD. ", Lili : "Oh, it pleases me more than anything. Lili turns and moves towards the Unicorns. . Jack crouches and a bird lands on shoulder and then flies away. Medium shot of all of them as Gump and Brown Tom pull out time pieces. ", Gump : "I'd be a powerful wizard indeed could I answer that. Watch it, if anything, to see how amazing his costume looks. Leaves and branches, whisper a love song, Young as any spring, his eyes almost sing to me.". by Christopher Heard April 5, 2017. written by Christopher Heard April 5, 2017. It was only a joke! Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Lili : "That's something to eat. I am very happy with this purchase and I hope my review was helpful to others who were desperately trying to get hold of the tangerine dream version. Lili gets the courage to sing again and calm the Unicorn. item 1 LEGEND DVD Director's Cut Tom Cruise Disc Only 1 - LEGEND DVD Director's Cut Tom Cruise Disc Only. This Director's Cut does not begin with a prologue as is found in the American Cut. ", Nell : "Surely your father forbids such folly. The new, bittersweet ending has Jack always promising to be there for Lili while she asks him if it will be all right for her to visit him again tomorrow. Or a spawning salmon find the very source of it's birth from the cold, black depth of the mysterious sea? Lili : "Come down sparrow, sing good morning, rise up sun like the arch in the sky.". Although not clearly advertised, this is the director's cut and director's cut only! The tone and texture of their relationship has changed because of the events that they have survived in the story and now only time will tell if their relationship will continue to flourish. The following footage/music is not found in the Director's Cut of Legend : Tangerine Dream score. Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2018, This is not what I thought it was. ", Extreme close up of Lili removing her ring and putting it on Jack's pinkie, Lili : "So you take that and you keep it, treasure it. In an on-screen text introduction, Scott presents the director’s cut of Legend as “both an archival curiosity for fans and a digitised preservation of my original vision for the film”. Director's Cut. It's a full, polished ending, with complete special effects intact, so I'm assuming it was ripped from the special features on the imminent DVD. Therefore, only one star given. The movie is great for kids and adults. I value your thoughts. The focus of the Director's cut is most definitely on the need to save the world by freeing the Unicorns and, while saving Lili is also important, she is not the focus of the film as in the American cut. My heart, my soul, my love. The Director's Cut contains: 79 new scenes 13 alternative scenes 7 edited scenes 2 changes in speed In addition, 17 removed scenes of which four contain longer storyline extensions. ", Long shot of Bellows as Gump et al. Screwball : "What's the matter? Film has lost its ambience without the tangerine dream soundtrack and Brian ferry song at the end. item 3 Legend [1986] 3 - Legend [1986] $3.75 +$2.99 shipping. Ahhhhhhhh! Lili looks horrified as the unicorn charges towards Lili and runs circles around her. The following footage/music is not found in the Director's Cut of Legend : A note about how this additional footage is laid out : If the description is in italics, this footage is present in the European version and Director's cut, not the American Version. Jack says with a look of disbelief. . Have another biscuit. (The notes I used to create this document can be found here : Director's Cut Version of LEGEND Shot By Shot Breakdown). Long shot of Great Tree as camera slowly pans up, Long shot of interior of tree and Unicorn, Medium shot of a giant chair with glowing eyes, Long shot of interior of tree, pans down to fire, Jack : "Only dead meat waits for the stew pot.
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