Find top Instagram influencers for your marketing campaigns. When you’re a travel blogger, it may feel like something you HAVE to do. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be sold something every time I get on Insta. An article about the dangers of the distortion of reality that is going on today among influencers and bloggers alike. Instagram is rolling out a new update that radically changes the app's layout, and so far people seem to hate it. Social media influencers may use their influence on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote products for partner companies. Why The Palestinians Are Winning I Phil Assouline - Duration: 3:29. Encouraging your followers to buy things in all of your posts is only contributing to a sense of lack, and its promoting irresponsible consumerism. I’m sure many folks would RATHER talk to somebody than be on their phone but by putting your phone between yourself and the world, you send out the message that you don’t want people to approach you. Because of the high production value, these are the photos that are the most popular on the travel side of Instagram, meaning that they become the norm and the goal that other travel accounts try to emulate to get visibility. My story interested people. It was not always like this – I will admit that, once upon a time, I was addicted to social media. In a previous post, I discussed why everyone is fake on Instagram, but I still feel the need to bring it up here. At no point did I look glamorous. Master of the handstand pushup. I’m going to be completely honest and admit that today I’m not in the mood to write an in-depth blog post about how to write the perfect brand pitch or how to increase your reach on Instagram. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Now everyone’s on their phones and approaching them becomes intimidating. All rights reserved. Instagram influencers create content and share stories through their Instagram account, growing to anywhere from 1,000 to millions of followers. And if, like me, you hate influencers, you probably harbour the … I bet you’ll have fun 🙂 I bet you’ll feel refreshed. Consumerism is probably one of the biggest reasons why I hate influencer culture. Many folks do unfortunately use it to inflate their self-esteem, the problem is that simply by spending more time on social media you get anxious seeing everyone else living their perfect lives on the app, and you quickly forget that IG is just a highlight reel, a lot of which is not even real. No longer am I wasting my time looking at something through a camera lens rather than actually experiencing it. Or make Youtube videos. Influencers get paid for promoting products and services to their followers. Never work with brands that you’re kind of okay with just because they offer you money. I have a friend who would be considered an "influencer". Anyway, I digress…. These apps are designed by SMART PEOPLE to be as ADDICTIVE AS POSSIBLE. Hey guys, today I am talking about why youtube and instagram fashion 'influencers' need to be stopped. So who is? Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) It only takes 16 products for a girl to look SUPERNATURAL! Where does this creeping tone of contempt come from, and does she deserve it? The problem is that Instagram usually doesn’t enable us to share – it forces us. But, as a travel blogger and ‘influencer’ (I really do hate that word), you have to be present on … They are selling a lie, something that is unattainable to most people – luxury travel – which by the way these influencers are not paying for, they are getting these trips, that hotel, that outfit, in exchange for giving it positive, biased as fuck, unreal as fuck, coverage. People enjoyed it. Or have a following. Yeah. The Perfect Pictures 8 likes. So why so much hate for the Instagram model? Have you seen certain destinations like Iceland, Dubrovnik (Croatia), Bali (Indonesia), Cinque Terre (Italy) and Santorini (Greece) absolutely blow up recently? As someone with a few thousand followers on Instagram, I've dabbled in sponsored content and working with brands, and even on this small scale, it's made me realize how much work goes into it.. Running a successful Instagram account isn't easy. I'm not just talking about adding a filter from the Instagram app. The whole point of travelling is to step out of your comfort zone, to learn, to grow, to experience something new. Your email address will not be published. While it’s true that several people follow this model and attach the “influencer” label to themselves, here’s a quick fact: everyone on Instagram is not an influencer. Today, he runs a number of online ventures, including. More often than not, these sort of influencers evoke feelings of jealousy and a sense of lack in the consumer’s own life. While it’s true that several people follow this model and attach the “influencer” label to themselves, here’s a quick fact: everyone on Instagram is not an influencer. Worst of all, destinations start catering to the Instagram crowd because going viral is free advertisement, and entire venues, cafés and experiences are built just to please the picture-takers. Many folks have a nervous tic where as SOON as they are alone they go onto their phones, this is a real shame (and something I used to do as well, so I do get it). The downsides? An article about what you probably already know: that all the pretty pictures you see on instagram are fake and constructed. Where does this creeping tone of contempt come from, and does she deserve it? Your email address will not be published. Gosh-darn it! So, Instagram influencers have an excuse to post tasteless ads on their social media. I’ve given this so much rational thought that I can justify my hatred with 5 very logical and well-substantiated reasons. When you travel with just Instagram in mind, your experience becomes shallow and surface-level. Set up a screen-time limit (you can do this on your phone or specifically for some apps like Instagram and TikTok), Go somewhere random that’s not IG famous: the best way to ask locals for recommendations is NOT “What do tourists like to do here?” but “What do YOU like to do?”, Limit yourself to a number of photos you can take per day, OR challenge yourself and don’t take any photos of yourself at all, Don’t post on IG during the trip at all, only after, Use travel blogs (pick me, pick me!) Travel for you and you alone. Save the world, one backpack at a time. Or, you know, just delete the fucking app. This doesn’t mean that you should sell out on all of your insecurities and intentionally make yourself seemed flawed on Instagram, but once in awhile mentioning the fact that you were too exhausted to work out and instead ate a bowl of chips and watched some Netflix is only going to make people be able to relate to you more. Or were on reality shows. Fact. Before we get into that, let me run you through my own experiences with social media. Why Some People Hate Influencers. 4 reasons why people hate Instagram influencers. I’m guilty of this, and to be completely honest I can’t help it. HOUSTON (NewsNation Now) — Houston police are investigating the mysterious death of a social media star, and the star’s mother is speaking out, calling for a full investigation and justiceOn Saturday, Nov. 28, Alexis Leigh Robinault, 26, was found unclothed on the side of the road.Known as Alexis Sharkey on Instagram, the popular influencer has over 67,000 followers. Or have a following. Influencers get paid for promoting products and services to their followers. Whether you have 10k or 100k, this is the kind of habits that make your followers dislike you. Working with brands is tricky. Top 1000 Instagram Influencers Ranking by the number of quality and engaged followers. And companies are shamed and called stupid for using social media and hiring Instagram users to market. Are you truly experiencing a destination if you’re viewing it through a constricted lens? Impressed? Don’t fall for it fool! It simply isn’t healthy. Instagram influencers: 5 nutrition experts with real health and fitness advice ... On her Instagram, Vohra shares various tips and exercises to help identify and manage our mental health. It was a really weird dynamic and it was easy to write it off as ‘growing my career’ but ultimately I made the right call and quit social media. I am not a fan of social media. The point is – don’t give social media that kind of power over you… Don’t let it sculpt your travel expectations, your experiences, your social interactions, your self esteem. I have a system in place to make sure I am never on my phone first thing in the morning or last thing at night. There are a lot of reasons why people love to hate on Influencers. And thought of as unskilled, entitled, and need to get a "real" job. You see friends, I was kinda a big deal on this little thing called Snapchat. Traveling broke, with nothing to separate me from my surroundings, was the best experience I ever had as it forced me to step out of my comfort zone, talk to new people and learn new skills. Instagram is still a great tool for travel planning and inspiration if you know where to look. Fuck IG. I have a friend who would be considered an "influencer". I was snapping all of my adventures as I hitchhiked through Europe and Iran. To me, this makes no sense. One of them even launched their own ‘adventure tours’ to Pakistan after a whopping ten days experience in the country… Irresponsible as fuck. And why do some people hate influencers? I truly believe that it’s important to take SOME steps to cut down phone use, get more out of your travel experience and reduce phone use related anxiety. Here’s some final thoughts on making sure that Instagram and other social media platforms do not ruin your travel experience…. You’re right. Sure, I check my Instagram maybe once a week from my desktop to respond to any messages I have but that’s about it. Instagram is the go-to app if you’re looking for holiday inspo. I will also show you that not all of us are the … I had to talk to people on the street to find out how to get to where I was going. Posting on Instagram in search of validation is a dangerous game. Tourists flock to these famous places with no interest in the history or culture; many only come for the pretty picture. Or post photos of themselves in bikinis. 1. No longer am do I find myself triggered by irritating or sexy folks alike when scrolling through social media. There are a lot of red flags to look out for when partnering with a brand. The purpose of this post though is to get you to consider how much of yourself you give to apps… Perhaps you could try a couple of days a week when traveling where you don’t take your phone out or you delete your crack-apps (whatever it is – Tinder / Instagram / BBC news) for a couple of days. Speaking of consumerism, encouraging your followers to buy, buy, and buy without looking into what their purchase might contribute to is (in my opinion) an irresponsible move. The One Thing I Hate About Being a Wellness Influencer. For me, that’s not what travel is about. I'm not just talking about adding a filter from the Instagram app. Pics or it didn’t happen, right? You see my friends, when you spend your whole day reading DMs about how amazing and inspiring you are – it can go to your head (as well as suck up all your time). They're usually called vain, shallow, stupid, etc. Some Instagram users and influencers have already criticized the new layout, including beauty guru James Charles, who posted an angry rant about it. Travel influencers don’t represent travel in an approachable, relatable way. There’s nothing more annoying then an influencer promoting a brand or a product and not clarifying if they’re getting paid to promote or they’re just casually talking about the brand. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The inundation of ads and pressure to consume/buy items we don’t need, is, frankly, overwhelming and unhealthy. If the answer to these questions is yes, do you want to promote that? Well, for starters I used to be an “Instagram Travel Influencer”. So make sure that you only work with brands that you are excited to promote, and that you think your audience would like. 4 reasons why people hate Instagram influencers. Influencers get paid for promoting products and services to their followers. I Hate Influencers. I recently asked on my Instagram stories what habits influencers have that annoys you. Seek out diverse creators that talk about social issues, ethics and politics of travelling, experiences travelling as a woman, POC, queer person… Instagram can be a wonderful platform for learning. In return, companies get more personalized advertising to … Not because I’m jealous. I hate influencers. I enjoyed making the stories. The result? These are settings used in Lightroom that change the colors of the photo. Are you in a toxic relationship with Instagram? If you work with brands that don’t share your values or that don’t suit your audience, it makes you seem fake. Or were on reality shows. I very rarely make Instagram stories these days although I probably will again next time I’m on a real adventure in Pakistan. Do you really want to waste thirty minutes just framing yourself perfectly with the view instead of taking a happy snapshot? There is nothing worse than chasing an instagrammable destination. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Social media influencers may use their influence on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote products for partner companies. I stopped being chained to my phone and that meant I could focus my energy on things that really did matter – like my own travel experience and building up my tour company, Epic Backpacker Tours. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories . I hate influencers. But the following influencers, many of whom appear on Twitter account @ likeandsub , have no excuse for their awful Instagram posts. Watch the video to the end to know the problem I have with instagram … Focusing all travel in one spot is unsustainable, but local governments and tourism boards are not necessarily trying to rein in the horde of visitors.
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