The Blue Oval comes in a tranquil blue color made from high-UV-treated resin that is guaranteed to last through several seasons. Davy Merino on August 12, 2020 at 2:13 pm said: No, I don’t think so, the one on top may damage the one underneath, due to the refraction of the sun’s rays, it could ‘burn’ the cover beneath. Above Ground (152) In-Ground (85) Winterizing accessories . I've found that it's easier to fit an above ground pool with a solar cover than an inground pool simply because many above ground pools are round and the covers can be trimmed. Here is a review of the top 12 mils and 16 mils solar pool covers on the market today: Blue Wave NS480 12-mil Solar … I was unable to find an independent study of the various types of solar blankets. This extends your pool swimming season and allows you to save money as well. Solar pool covers almost entirely eliminate evaporation, saving you tons (literally) of resources every single year. Swimming pool covers help retain pool heat by reducing evaporation. Find Blue Wave pool covers at Lowe's today. Blue Vs Clear Covers. x 36ft. The 12 Mil Clear Premium Solar Blanket allows full spectrum light to reach the floor of the pool and therefore has the best heating capacity of all the pool blankets. Silver and blue pool covers reflect the heat back into your pool water during the night. Can be cut to fit most pool sizes. Like all other solar pool covers, Sun2Solar’s Blue Oval pool cover is designed to reduce evaporation by 95%, ensuring your pool retains its latent heat when not in use. In general, solar pool covers are either blue or they are clear. Dark blue solar covers are great for heat retention. We just had our fiberglass pool installed in April and we are in need of a solar pool cover. Solar blankets / covers: blue vs. aluminized silver back vs. black vs. clear For years I have used a semi clear blue solar blanket on my 16x32 in-ground pool. ... clear covers block 5-15% of the sun while colored ones block 20-40%. The extruded cover will last about two times longer than any laminated cover. The 1600 series solar covers are made from 16-mil polymer to offer increased heat retention and durability. If you have a stock size cover then please select from the pre-sized solar covers available in the solar pool covers category. After two full days of cover, the water temp went from 78 to 85--we had a great evening swim yesterday! Available in Rectangular, Round, and Oval. Independent studies show that solar covers can raise water temperature by more than 30 percent. The Blue Wave NS120 is a solar pool blanket that is made up of small bubbles that insulate your swimming pool and can improve the temperature of your pool by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. 12 Mil vs 16 Mil Solar Cover/Blanket Reviews 2020. Solar covers usually are made to cover the entire pool. Aluminized pool covers are quite durable but not effective during the day. Save on energy costs and heat your pool with the power of the sun! 400M Blue solar pool cover - budget range, low heat retention properties - perfect for above ground swimming pools or outdoor pools without rollers! But there are also “solar rings” (aka solar mats) that are oval shaped and cover only a small area. Manufacturer SKU: 16MIL18X36ULTRA. Solar pool covers—also called solar blankets —looks similar to bubble wrap, but good-quality solar pool covers like Blue Wave Magni Clear are made from much more durable material. Shop solar covers, solar reels & solar heaters at Any thoughts? Place the cover bubble side down. Most high end pool covers are extruded instead of laminated. Harris Clear Solar Pool Cover. I have the MagniClear on my inground--it is FABULOUS. The solar pool covers will generally be a blue, silver or clear colour as makers try and strike the balance between their product looking catchy and it is performing to the best of its capability. Ensure that you buy a cover that has a warranty. We are debating the blue/gold vs. a clear cover. blue, clear, and clear diamond. Cover Pumps (8) Accessories (17) Solar Accessories. - NS525 the clear solar blanket is thicker than the blue; the clear is 14 mil thick while the blue is 12 mil. What Are the Advantages of Solar Pool Covers? When I bought my first one, I didn't know there was a difference. Pool Type. Achieve the highest possible temperatures, lower your energy costs and extend your swimming season. From solar blankets to winter covers to safety covers, Blue Wave has it all! Solar Pool Covers or Solar Blankets do have some benefits, but they also have some drawbacks that you need to be aware of. For $75 to $150, a customer may be able to purchase large sheets of lesser-quality material to cut and fit to a pool. 400030. I had a blue solar cover for my pool for two years, but it finally gave out at the end of last season. per page. According to users, this also means that they’re considerably heavier than pool covers made from lighter gauge polymer. Does anyone know if the Ray-Maxx Gold Series solar pool cover works well. Midwest Canvas 16mil Silver/Gray Solar Cover (7 year warranty) Features: Color - Clear builds heat more rapidly than blue solar covers. If you want to spend more days by the pool, we recommend investing in a Solar Pool Cover. Clear covers direct more sun’s heat into the swimming pool water. Filter. Pioneering the Solar Pool Heating industry in Melbourne in 1974, Sunbather is known more so for their solar panel pool heating. I used to have a blue blanket, but the clear is hands-down the more effective. When using the pool cover for heat gain the clear ones are the best, and For heat retention dark blue covers … Does using two solar covers work better than one , I have a clear one and a blue one. Clear resin material allows for solar rays to pass deeper into the pool than blue or darker covers Place cover diamond-side-down on your pool for proper heating **Disclaimer** Please note that solar covers may come with 2"-11" of overlap to allow trimming to fit your pool - Trimming will NOT void any warranty. 8 yr warranty / 2 yr full warranty. Always remember to install your sun blanket bubble side down to experience the full effectiveness of the product. The Blue Wave NS110 8-mil is an 18 ft round solar pool cover that has been designed with multiple tiny air bubbles that trap the sun’s heat below the blanket to keep water warm up to a pleasant pool temperature of 15°F. These pool covers are available for both round and rectangular pools and come in clear or blue color options. Thanks! Our pool is 16x32, but onl 3 to 4.5 ft deep. These solar pool cover blankets are available in a wide selection of sizes and shapes, while the brand also has a stainless steel frame pool cover reel with large turning handle for in-ground swimming pools that are up to 20 feet in width. Suns Rays Pass Through the Solar Cover to Help Raise Water Temps Over 15 Degrees! Solar ring covers come in various print patterns while bubble models come in clear, silver and blue, or blue colors. I usually take the cover off in the morning and put it back on when the sun goes down. The blue material is translucent, which allows UV rays to pass through the cover and into the pool and does well enough to block heat from escaping the pool. Many people choose to have 2 different covers; a clear one for the day and either a silver, black, or blue one for the night. Clear solar covers heat the pool better than blue solar covers because they allow more of the sun’s heat to penetrate more efficiently. Harris' Solar pool covers intensify and increase the solar rays hitting your pool water. A Answered on 4/11/2017 by InyoPools Product Specialist Stacey M.. Hello, I would recommend the Clear Solar Blanket 18' X 36' Rect. Solar rings function the same but they are more for a pleasant appearance (they look nice). I use a medium weight blue/silver cover on my pool and spa in the cooler months. Solar Pool Covers Midwest Canvas Corp. - ULTRA 16 MIL SOLAR Cover 18X36 FT RECTANGLE. Clear: The lighter the color, the more heat it lets through into your water, so clear covers – like the Blue Wave NS520 – make a good choice for users who tend to keep their pool covered during the day, as they’ll help make the most of the sun’s rays. 15 Items . Hello! Harris solar pool covers will allow you to heat your pool for free with the sun's rays. The clear allows the sun to pass through the blanket thus heating the water better. Blue solar covers are the standard in solar cover colors because they are well-rounded and offer many of the general features at a lower price point than other covers. However, they also produce a range of high-quality pool covers. The Sun2SolarBrand offers you a variety of solar pool cover blankets in a variety of shades, i.e. Winter Covers The primary purpose of these covers is to winterize the pool and to keep it free from leaves & debris during the non-swimming season. Inground Solar Blanket 18ft. Shop pool covers and a variety of outdoors products online at Some pool covers are only available in one of the colors while others can be chosen in either clear or blue. Show. No other pool solar cover allows more sun through or warms pool water faster. COVERS Solar Pool Covers Midwest Canvas Corp. - ULTRA 16 MIL SOLAR Cover 18X36 FT RECTANGLE Item No. Become a ... From solar blankets to winter covers to safety covers, Blue Wave has it all! When placing the solar thermal blanket cover on the water, place the cover bubble side down. I'm definitely going to buy another one - just need to know whether to get a clear one or a blue one. Clear solar covers can measure 12 mil (heavy-duty – lasts 3 to 4 years) and 16 mil (strongest and most durable – lasts 5 to 10 years). For most domestic pool owners wanting a warmer pool, the Solar Blanket will be the clear choice. 4.6 out of 5 Customer Rating. Clear vs Blue Solar Pool Covers: Which one gets the pool warmer? Many people prefer blue because it looks nice on the water of the pool. Sort By: Clear All.
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