Once you’re done, put it back and light your water heater. The thermocouple is a safety device located by the pilot light on your furnace. A thermocouple is a function on your water heater that senses the heat on the pilot light and allows gas to flow to the burner. The flame should be blue and steady. To clean the bottom of the flame arrestor, turn the flame arrestor cleaning attachment over and insert it through the air intake opening at the base of the heater, and use I replace this style of thermocouple all the time with the standard style thermocouple. ... Keeping a hot water heater in good working condition is the best way to keep warm water. Turn on the furnace or switch the heater on and see if the pilot light is on. Start with cleaning out the filter and if the pilot still won’t stay lit you may need to replace the thermocouple. Gas hot water heater problems that fit this description can usually be traced to the pilot light. Thermocouple. Remove the outer door. I read most common issue is thermopile or thermocouple issue. But you also need a safe working water heater, and that’s where the thermocouple comes in. 2. Replace water heater , eliminate flammable vapors source. We are the plumbing, sewer/ drain, water damage repair specialists … However, if you don't keep your water heater clean, it can cause numerous issues.Using a dependable calcium, lime, and rust cleaner, or CLR cleaner, can make cleaning it easier. Cleaning the thermocouple is a pretty simple process but should only be done when the fireplace is turned off and is completely cool. 3. Suspect a worn-out thermocouple not doing its job when your water heater is on the Fritz. Turn the water heater gas control knob to “off” (See Figure 1) and allow the water heater to cool for about 15 minutes. Thermocouple Curving If there is bending or curving in the thermocouple, it’s no longer functional. Reattach the Thermocouple. Empty the water heater by connecting the hose and turn on the drain on the bottom of the tank. Why You Need a Thermocouple on Your Gas Water Heater. Use the wrench with moderate pressure to completely tighten the nuts. Remove the purge port valve caps. I already tried the obvious relighting the pilot light. It’s responsible for closing the gas valve when it senses the pilot light is off. A bad thermocouple will shut off gas to both the pilot and the burner, which is when people notice that the water heater pilot light is out. I've never had a problem with the heater. Water Heater Thermocouple 9000056015 Parts Sears Parts Direct . A furnace thermocouple is a device on a standing pilot gas furnace that’s responsible for opening and closing the main gas line to your home’s heating system.. A slim, rod-shaped flame sensor sits in the path of your pilot flame where it collects and then transfers heat down via a flexible connector (wire or tube) to signal, through an electrical charge, that the main gas valve should open. The thermocouple is triggered by an electric current produced by the pilot light. The reason is that, if there’s a bend, it will move too far away from the pilot. This can happen if you have a weak gas control magnet or if the thermocouple needs to be replaced. A Dirty Thermocouple. This water heater complies with ANSI Z21.10.1- thermocouple (right-hand threads), pilot tube, and manifold cleaning of flame arrester 14. Water heater thermocouple cleaning. Occasionally, this light can go out. 2. The gas must be turned off before any cleaning takes place and the unit must be cool. A hot water heater that doesn't heat might just need a new thermocouple. thermocouple; Cleaning Steps. The thermocouple is a thermoelectric device that shuts off the gas if the pilot light goes out. It's a simple, inexpensive repair that could save you a bundle. The cleaning of thermocouple should be done on a regular basis. Reattach the thermocouple to the pilot assembly once it’s clean. Cut the fuel supply to the water heater. The thermocouple is the brain of your water heater. Turn off the power to your hot water heater so that you do not risk becoming injured while cleaning the thermocouple. The water heater pilot light is a small flame that ignites the gas burner on your water heater. Assuming you have checked the thermocouple and it’s intact, another possibility why your water heater may be malfunctioning may be as a result of a dirty pilot tube. Be sure to turn off the power to the water heater and the cold-water inlet valve before you begin any repairs. This is not necessarily a thermocouple or a gas valve problem, but possibly just a matter of cleaning or adjustment. To replace a thermocouple: Step 1: Unscrew the copper lead and the connection nut inside the threaded connection to the gas line. One of the most common problems with Atwood RV water heater is a pilot outage. Contact Sears Service. To perform the cleaning instructions below, the following tools/household items are needed: • Vacuum cleaner with hose attachment (crevice tool) CLEANING THE FLAME ARRESTOR: 1. Use the steel wool or the abrasive side of the sponge for gently rubbing the thermocouple. Water Heater Thermocouple Cleaning in 5 Steps. There is NO such thing as a "fire fusable link" to be used incase of a fire under your water heater. The thermocouple will usually shutoff the pilot light after about 20 seconds and you should hear a click. Once you are done cleaning the thermocouple using any of the methods above, reattach it to the pilot assembly. 2. To disinfect the hot water heater you need Clorox bleach. By James Carey, Morris Carey . Then buy the same size replacement. Sand the ends of the thermocouple … Like the nozzle, the thermocouple resides inside the burner. This will release pressure inside the heater. So you will have to turn off the gas and unfasten the nuts holding the thermocouple to take it out. 4. Replacing a Thermocouple or Thermopile if Cleaning Didn’t Work. Use the pencil eraser and start cleaning between the threads of the screw (the thermocouple attaching screw). Follow your instruction manual to see how to reattach the thermocouple, if your patio heater comes with a different design. Call the expert at 1-855-840-7800 for a local plumber with 24/7 emergency repair service in Studio City & Los Angeles Area ! This is always the first step when working on a water heater. You need hot water for many daily activities, so a working water heater is essential. Let the water drain into a bucket. Gallons of water pass through a water heater everyday, depositing minerals that make cleaning it difficult. Shut the gas inlet valve - safety first! Water heater pilot lights work by igniting the natural gas that comes out of the unit’s main burner. Using the flame arrestor cleaning attachment, vacuum all dust and other particles from beneath the heater, see Figure 3. If cleaning the thermocouple didn’t allow your pilot light to stay lit, or cleaning the thermopile didn’t allow the pilot light to generate enough electricity to open your gas valve and ignite the burner, it … This is a safety device that turns the gas off when the pilot goes out. Over time, the thermocouple can get dirty and stop working because it sits in the pilot light’s flame at all times. That triggers a sensor (known as a thermocouple) that stops the water heater … My water heater burner is not igniting. I was able to remove the thermopile (thanks to youtube). In simple terms, it’s a short … If you have a gas water heater with a pilot light that won’t stay lit, it’s probably due to a failed thermocouple. Some repairs, such as tank leaks, may not be repairable and can signal that it’s time to replace an older water heater. If it's electric, cut the power. The thermocouple and pilot tubes should go into the gas valve. If it is not too old hen you can try cleaning the orifice and see how it goes. The thermocouple on a gas fireplace may eventually become clogged with dirt and soot, which can reduce the effectiveness of the thermocouple and may eventually prevent the fireplace from lighting as expected. Remove the burner assembly and detach the thermocouple. The No. Attach a hose to each of the valves and then reopen them. If you, like many homeowners, use a gas-powered water heater, the thermocouple helps prevent the heater from turning into a danger. Follow the steps to disinfect the water heater: 1. But I dont know what thermopile to buy. If your thermocouple gets to hot, the valves high limit will shut down the flow of gas. Turn off the power to your hot water heater so that you do not risk becoming injured while cleaning the thermocouple. Find the right water heater parts with Repair Clinic. This bleach is used when a bad smell or bad taste starts coming from your water. Learn how to replace this inexpensive part and keep your hot water heater working for years to come. Your water heater pilot light works in concert with other parts. The process is slightly different from cleaning a tank water heater: Remove the lid. Step 2: Under the mounting bracket at the thermocouple tube, unscrew the bracket nut that holds the tube in place. To clean the sediment out of a water heater, follow these steps: Unscrew the cold-water supply line at the top of the water heater and remove the nipple screwed into the cold-water port. The nuts should be hand tightened to ensure that the threads are not stripped. I didnt remove the thermocouple yet. Testing for Leaks. For poor pilot flame, you would need to replace the orifice. Close the three water valves. Rub until you remove the soot from the thermocouple. It is important to make sure that there are no leaks on your water heater after you replace the thermocouple. Wash your water heater with vinegar. In this case, it's gas, and you need to turn off the gas valve. Generally, water heater repairs cost $150–$400, depending on what’s wrong. The ends of this piece may be corroded, preventing power from reaching the pilot light. Rheem Manufacturing ranks as the global leader in the manufacture of high-quality, sustainable, and innovative water heaters, tankless water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, pool heaters, and HVAC systems for residential and commercial applications, and is a full member of AHRI, the Air-Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute. Thats why it is important that the thermocouple should be … Before you replace a broken hot water heater, check to make sure the thermocouple still works. Thermocouples generate an extremely weak current which can just barely hold the gas valve open under normal circumstances. If the water heater is still failing to heat the water, the thermocouple may be completely defective, the pilot itself could be restricted, the igniter could be faulty, the gas valve could be malfunctioning, or the pressure switch in … There is a valve high limit.
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